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Frontiers of Architecture

louisiana museum
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl. Strandvej 13
Humlebæk, 3050

The Louisiana’s exhibition series Frontiers of Architecture I-IV, which the museum has been showing in the years 2007-2011, uses architecture’s deployment of other disciplines to illustrate the new movements and paths that are shifting the frontiers of architecture.

With its overall theme LIVING, the last exhibition in the series, combining nos. III and IV and filling half the total exhibition space of the museum, turns the spotlight on the question “How does the Good Life look today?” The exhibition highlights the tendencies and new departures facing architecture in a world of increasing globalization. How are the individual, the community and social relations conceived today? What do people dream about, and how do they live out these dreams, which are constantly expanding human notions of life styles and spaces for living?

Traditional family structures, urban structures and life modes are being challenged by new kinds of technology and communication as well as increased mobility. The exhibition LIVING focuses on architecture’s partnerships with human sciences like anthropology and sociology. These softer, less quantifiable sciences come to expression in the exhibition through crossovers between architectural projects and art installations and glimpses of current ‘case stories’ from various parts of the world
where social development has created new dwelling styles.

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