• Yoshii
    Based in the small town of Imbari, Japan, Yoshii towels creates exceptionally soft towels and cloths. Imbari is known for its woven manufacturing industry, and Yoshii towels utilizes traditional materials and methods to create its products. The towels that are produced are woven from organic cotton on traditional looms and are lightweight, absorbent, durable, and fast drying. Yoshii towels are thoughtfully designed by Maho Ukai.
  • Gabe Border
    Gabe is curious. When taken by something, he stops at nothing until he has learned everything there is to know about it. It started with aircraft at a very young age. Reading books on WWII bombers and spy craft of the cold-war. Upon receiving glasses, Gabe realized his dreams of flying an F-16 were slim. At this point he took to birds, trading one fighting falcon for the real one...falco peregrinus, the Peregrine Falcon. Falconry didn't come until after high school. Up until that point, Gabe developed a love of mountains and adventuring in high places. Climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and fly fishing he enjoys them all. All the while his Dad's old Navy camera found its way into the curiosity equation. Gabe read many adventure journals, filled with amazing images of far off mountain ranges. Naturally the camera started being added to the gear list to document trips. Fast forward-Gabe has spent years flying falcons at wild game, worked as a conservation biologist, breeding California condors, and still hasn't climbed enough peaks. Gabe specializes in creating Architectural and Interiors images, that meet exactly what clients require. When not working with Architects, Interior Designers, and Builders. Gabe enjoys cooking/adventuring with his Wife Emily, and English Pointers Fred and Snow.
  • Doctors Beyond Borders
    Doctors Beyond Borders is a revolutionary patient centric medical services company that has built a comprehensive online portal that aggregates the top 1% of international hospitals and doctors sharing their treatment costs, patient reviews and instant online consultations for free.
  • Turkish Towel Store
    turkishtowelstore.com, is an official website that combining the desire of modern people for wellness and healthy environment with Turkish Towel Pestemal which is a part of Turkish culture for six centuries. Our goal is to provide to you the Turkish pestemal which fed with the richness of the history with contemporary designs. Our vision is give to your bathroom and your life the pestemal Turkish towels which are produced with the traditional weaving methods in a respectful manner for nature to provide ease and comfort to the user in an innovative line and being responsive to the requirements. Our mission is to ensure you to purchase safely our products which are produced by taking your health, comfort and high quality standards and to transport to your address with the fastest way by the shipping companies competent at the international level. Kind Regards, Turkish Towel Store Proprietors
  • Fog Linen Work
    Fog Linen Work is a Japanese brand started in Tokyo by Yumiko Sekine, who had started her first business in 1993 importing used books and housewares from Europe and America to Japan. Looking for better affordable every day linens, Sekine traveled to Lithuania which had a history of producing linen from local flax going back to the Middle Ages. There was no existing product that met her standards, but she was able to work with several linen producers to begin producing her own designs there. The company's goal is to design and distribute honest, beautiful, and long-lasting products.
  • Studiopatro
    Studiopatro designs and makes beautiful and useful linens for the kitchen and the cook. Our linen aprons and towels are inherently sustainable, handprinted, and crafted locally in small batches with exacting attention to craftsmanship.
  • abanja
    abanjá, a home textiles and accessories line, is modern, relaxed, and elegant. Traditional handcrafts from India, North Africa and Turkey have been revisited to add a fresh new twist on ancestral pieces. Bright color, warm natural tones, clean whites, and striking accents marry beautifully to make our line of home textiles contemporary but rich in tradition. Hand woven foutas come in bold graphic styles, fine geometric embroidery patterns play up our crisp table linens, while soft stripes decorate our fringed hand towels.
  • PLANT Architect Inc.
    PLANT Architect Inc. is an award-winning practice that branches into architecture, landscape, and design. On projects ranging from modest residential renovations to urban renewal on a civic scale, our studio's architects and landscape architects collaborate across disciplinary borders to reveal a site's potential and explore its context. Both meanings of "PLANT" inspired our name: we are makers who value process, craft, and construction, and we have a deep-rooted connection to a sense of place, landscape, and natural materials.
  • Mafia Bags
    Repurposed sails forecast ideal winds in California // MAFIA brothers push the border with bags, backpacks & accessories.