• D/O
    Dwyer Oglesbay is a Minneapolis based landscape design and architecture studio with a commitment to design excellence through the integration of buildings and landscapes.
  • Joseph Eichler
    Developer Joseph Eichler (1900–1974) sold dreams of suburban happiness with each of the 11,000 modern tract houses he built between 1950 and1974. Designed by prominent architects like A. Quincy Jones, the homes featured glass walls, atriums, and open floor plans. Today he’s a noun you can live in.
  • Destination Eichler
    Principal Designer/Co-Owner Destination Eichler We specialize in design consultation services for period-specific renovation and restoration projects, from mid-century modern to Spanish Revival homes. Visit us at www.destinationeichler.com
  • D/O
    D/O is a Minneapolis-based design studio. Our work stems from a research based process focused on the specificities of site and client. We engage our work with a balanced consideration of economic, environmental and cultural performance with a refined level of craft.Our work has been featured in Architecture Magazine, Eco Structures, Archdaily, The New York Times, The Discovery Channel, and Residential Architect. We hold regional and national awards including two AIA National Awards, seven AIA Minnesota Awards, one ASLA Award, and four international design competition honors. Its founders, John Dwyer and Colin Oglesbay, formed D/O out of a collaboration spanning twelve years. The studio offers complete architecture and landscape design services, including feasibility studies, building materials and systems research, master planning, digital fabrication, and sustainable design.We offer our passion and professionalism to all who share our desire to make a better world, regardless of scale, type, geography, or budget.