• Alejandro Sticotti
    The work of Argentinean architect Alejandro Sticotti has a modernist foundation: He takes the constructive and rational influences of the Bauhaus and Scandinavian modern, adds American Shaker and 1950s design elements, and merges them with the materials and sensibility of his native culture. His Shelving Units (2008) are made from warm, unique South American hardwoods; the vertical and horizontal mounts are crafted of solid lapacho, and the shelves are made with cerejeira veneer. Relying on the steadying forces of gravity, Unit B hangs off the master horizontal bar at the top, creating sturdy shelving, which can be placed high or low on the wall, depending on needs. The notched side of each shelf simply slides into the vertical beams, holding it snugly in place. Sticotti Shelving is well-resolved in its versatility: Combine multiple units to create additional storage, move shelves to different levels as needs change or add the desk shelf to create a compact workspace solution.
  • Credo Beauty
    We provide the largest clean beauty and skincare assortment that’s vetted by experts, then field-tested by us. We carefully examine every ingredient (so you don’t have to). The Credo Promise (AKA the standard we hold ourselves to, for you.) Always Clean We have the highest safety and sustainability standards in beauty (retail). Carefully Vetted Our team examines every product, then we field test them before stocking our shelves. Fully Informed We’re up-to-date on everything clean beauty so we can deliver the best, most effective products around. Totally Personal Our expert team loves giving personal recomandations, but we respect your personal space. You always have the freedom to play, discover, and learn on your own or with our help. It’s your call.
  • The Bousquet Collection
    The "BOUSQUET Collection" began in 2003 when Tanja, a South African, and Philippe, a French man, met in the south of France. Both having an artistic background in painting, sculpture, jewellery and architecture, their Love story went even deeper. They live in South Africa after Philippe moved from France where they got married in August 2004. They since the beginning of 2005 share a studio. Since then a lot has happened. Full cupboards, garage and wendy house; cluttered shelves and draws with collected items. While still creating jewellery, the couple now concentrates on new challenges : lighting, sculptures and objects made of found or waste materials. The file has just opened.
  • Sabi
    Founded in 2009 in Palo Alto, California, Sabi focuses on designing products that are often overlooked in the design world, from functional bathroom accessories to walking canes. The brand began with a redesign of traditional pill cases in collaboration with Yves Behar, creating ergonomic and attractive pill organizers. After this endeavor, Sabi worked with Rie Norregard to create its Roam series, a line of colorful canes and accessories made from high-quality materials. The brand also designs products to help with light home renovations, including towel racks, mirrors, and shelves that are designed to endure within a modern space.
  • Margrethe Odgaard
    Without looking closely at Margrethe Odgaard’s airy Copenhagen studio, you might think she works at warp speed. Since launching her independent studio in 2012, she’s racked up textile designs for companies like Hay and Georg Jensen Damask, while collaborating with other Danish creatives, from furniture designer Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm to a local chef-brewer duo with whom she designed branding for a line of beer. But poke around her shelves and you’ll find a rigorous foundation for her freewheeling body of work. Several years back, Odgaard created her own color index as an alternative to mathematically-derived systems like Pantone, RAL, and NCS. “Most of those colors lack complexity,” she explains. She wanted a range of hues that possess an immediate appeal to the senses, not just sight. “I decided that if the color appears edible, if you are willing to put the color in your mouth, then it [successfully] relates to the body.” She painted the resulting 280-color palette, a rich spectrum that ranges from a color-shifting cocoa to an ultra-saturated neon purple, onto popsicle sticks. Odgaard—who spent time at the Rhode Island School of Design in addition to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts—was raised in pastoral western Denmark. “Nature marked me in the sense that I am attracted to opposition like forging ahead in a strong headwind,” Odgaard says. “As a designer, I am constantly striving to not only make noise but to actually make a difference.”
  • ISS Designs
    ISS Designs offers modern shelving and storage for your home, office, or retail space. Choose the modular PAL, WAL, DIV, or CLT series for bookshelves, home office storage, room dividers, and modern closets. Options include aluminum shelves in white, satin anodized, or black and your choice of wood finishes. They offer you the option to design online on the ISS Designs website using your computer or tablet. Take a photo of your wall and see how your shelving will look before you buy. Choose the ISS Designs series for a system that meets your needs today and know that it can be easily moved or reconfigured in the future. Need a custom solution? Book a Connect & Create™ meeting for a custom shelving system using a 3D model of your space. You will meet with their designer remotely from your home or office while they create the perfect shelving system right before your eyes. Modern design, infinite possibilities.
  • Truck Vehicle Wraps
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