• D I V . 1 2
    Div. 12 (Division 12) refers to the Master Format code for 'Furnishings', found in the architectural specifications for commercial construction drawings. We are an independent manufacturer of contemporary hospitality furnishings, located in Alberta, Canada. We manufacture our entire collection in our own production facility - with a steadfast commitment to design, quality and service. Established in 2017 by designer Geof Lilge. Designed & made in Alberta, Canada.
  • Jewish National Fund
    The JNF (Jewish National Fund) is a charitable organization specializing in the development of Israeli land and infrastructure. We are most known for our efforts in planting trees across Israel for over a century. Additionally, we have constructed over 240 reservoirs and dams, developed 250,000 acres of land, and created over 2,000 parks. The JNF takes great pride in connecting thousands of children and young adults to Israel and their heritage. https://www.facebook.com/jewishnationalfund/
  • 1 + 2 Architecture
    1 + 2 ARCHITECTURE is a multi-award winning practice focusing on the delivery of high quality contemporary architecture. The directors bring with them a breadth of local, national and international experience in projects ranging from residential design to large commercial and institutional buildings. We believe that a successful outcome is best achieved by an investment in the quality design services that we offer.
  • National Forest Design L.L.C.
    National Forest is a full-service creative think-tank with an expertise in execution. We create visual languages that can last a season or a lifetime. Our art directors, designers, photographers, and receptionists apply their respective artistic backgrounds, love of culture, and a collaborative approach to every endeavor. Although we firmly believe "the concept" is the foundation of any impactful campaign, we are dedicated to developing and reinventing new aesthetics and approaches to keep our work graphically forward.
  • Global Citizen 1
    I like following the ideals and design aesthetic presented for the modern world via this online service. I always enjoy reviewing clever and new ideas there really is no end to the creative genius of mankind.
  • National Speakers Bureau
    The National Speakers Bureau is Canada's original speakers bureau representing over 40 years of speaking industry excellence
  • National Wood Products of Maine
    Located in Oxford, Maine, National Wood Products is a full-service woodworking facility. We can supply both elaborate and simple furniture components. We have a Weinig, 6-head molder, as well as a double-end tenoner, automatic shaping machine, boring and sanding equipment. We are also able to spray finish, using our electrostatic line, and can supply a wide variety of wood species. Our assembly department also produces finished furniture, ranging from juvenile furniture to adult lawn chairs.
  • Rank No. 1 UK
    Rank No.1 UK are associated with an SEO expertise that has a broad range of skills, dating back to the Internet’s infancy in the 90’s. https://rankno1.co.uk
  • Delta 1 Atelier
    Architect and design