• The Childs Dreyfus Group
    The Childs Dreyfus Group (CDG) was founded on the idea that changing the perception of a space can fundamentally change how people experience that space. Being a modern design firm with more than 50 years of experience and success, CDG understands the evolving realities of how people use space to live, work and play. Over the years, CDG has evolved to embrace new aspects of design, new markets and new challenges. From multi-family developments to luxurious rentals and for-sale developments to mixed-use spaces and to student housing and beyond. CDG has built enduring partnerships with clients across the nation by delivering designs that inspire, delight, tantalize and challenge the senses. Each CDG project is designed with the client’s priorities in mind. ROI, not vanity, drives our business and informs our creativity. By creating efficient yet emotionally effective designs, CDG stands apart as a forward-thinking partner who builds tremendous value—and breathtaking beauty into every assignment. Lead by Rene Pabon, President and CEO, CDG continues to foster an award winning culture driven to exceed expectations in interior architecture, merchandising and design. Member of the Institute of Residential Marketing and has been published in leading industry publications such as Builder, Raising Standards, Student Housing Business, Build, Multifamily Real Estate News and Professional Builder.