• Table Plus
    A modern, native tool with elegant UI that allows you to simultaneously manage multiple databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server and more. https://tableplus.io/
  • Table Architecture
    Table est l’intermédiaire entre l’individu et ses semblables. Notre vision est animée par cette interface qui favorise les échanges et alimente la réflexion sur la pratique de l’espace à des échelles variées. Notre approche est fondée sur une expérimentation spatiale et conceptuelle inspirée par l’imaginaire collectif. Nous croyons qu’un sens de lieu souhaitable serait celui qui célèbre le présent tout en établissant simultanément des liens avec le passé et l'avenir.
  • Sur La Table
    The first Sur La Table store opened in Seattle's Pike Place Market in 1972 selling hard-to-find kitchenware imported from France. Since then the company has expanded to more than 75 stores nationwide, a direct-mail business distributing millions of catalogs each year, an e-commerce site, a gift registry, and a cooking class program. Sur La Table continues to carry many of the same products from France that it carried when it opened, but now offers tools from around the world to prepare any cuisine. Sur La Table remains committed to its roots by continuing to provide exceptional customer service and a broad assortment of premium-quality products. Sur La Table headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington.
  • Table of Contents Studio
    TOC Studio is a resource for design concept and creation. TOC Studio produces interiors, objects, furniture, plans, posters, books, essays, events, strategies, and lists.
  • Anglepoise
    For over 70 years, Anglepoise has created table lamps and table lights that are now British design classics. Its table lamps remain true to George Carwardine’s original design while incorporating modern features, such as energy saving bulbs. Anglepoise's energy-saving lamps are designed to replicate the intensity of light that is demanded by professionals.
  • Yoga Dwelling
    Products That Satisfy Your Senses and Please Your Soul. Featuring reclaimed materials. Desks, tables, lamps and more. http://etsy.me/2IKM5ti
  • Spiral Cone Legs
    A husband and wife team, everything here is made of our own design with our own hands in our home shop Handmade original modern table legs and upholstered benches. SpiralConeLegs.com
  • DBS Stainless Steel Fabricators
    Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication: Countertops, Tables, Sinks, Hoods, Trim, etc.
  • lavinomalaysia
    An e-commerce selling furniture which included mattress, sofa, coffee table and chair, dining table and chair, and etc.
  • Bloomming
    Visit us at: https://bloomm.link/2wXw4wS - We Create Fascinating Design Products for your Interior: Room Divider Facet, Design Clock Delay, Table Legs Grip, Ring Set One, Table Moods, Vases Reflections & Much More
  • Cassina
    Cassina works industrially in the contemporary furnishing sector. It produces chairs, tables, armchairs, beds, and furniture in general with a particular flair for upholstered items and work in wood, leather and other top-quality materials. The Cassina collection is eclectic, and has always been so. It is open to design projects from varying cultures and historical backgrounds, it welcomes them and makes them its own, stamping them with its own personality, its own trademark.
  • Skargaarden
    Danish company Skargaarden was founded in 2008 and produces furniture that is designed for leisure. The brand emphasizes that its line of chairs, sofas, tables, and accessories are meant for enjoyment and relaxation, rather than stressful or mundane activities. As a contemporary Scandinavian brand, Skargaarden has its roots in the minimalist Scandinavian furniture from the 1950s and ’60s, especially in its use of bentwood and teak. But the brand is also forward-looking, and designs furniture with its own DNA—it features intricate details and shows its expert craftsmanship without being overly complicated.
  • Liz Filman
    Liz Filman is a principle at RetroWorks.ca, a Toronto-based furniture company that specializes in handcrafted industrial furniture including bookcases, coffee tables and end tables. Inspired by factory floors, designed for urban decor.
  • Tanisha Esparza
    Lighting, textiles, space planning, dining tables, chairs
  • Fusio Studio Inc.
    Kiln glass table top items and wall hangings