• Material Immaterial studio
    Material immaterial studio is built on the basic principles of exploring the bare beauty of materials. We are essentially minimalists, and our designs do not offer any utopian prescriptions, rather the approach has always been of what to leave out, rather than what to put in. We believe that this reduction process is what takes one through a mirror, emerging out on the other side to discover richness, like in the subtle differences between five shades of grey or in different textures of concrete.
  • Multiply Made
    Designers Alice Kim and Mark Britton started Multiply Studio to create original and interactive, modern home accessories. We focus on premium natural materials that are beautifully made by hand. Responsibly-made, in California.
  • Watershed Materials
    In 1978, David Easton founded Rammed Earth Works and began to fashion the foundations of what would become the modern rammed earth movement. Today Rammed Earth Works is a consulting and artisan construction firm specializing in the technologies and formulations of stabilized earth across the globe. Beginning in the mid 1970’s, lead in large part by Watershed Materials' sister company Rammed Earth Works, the practice of rammed earth began to experience a renaissance. Builders around the world refined the methodology and revived a lost art. Rammed Earth went from a status of “what?” to “wow!” It is beautiful, energy storing, low carbon, and durable. Watershed Materials had the idea to capture the beauty and sustainability of rammed earth and squeeze it into the size and shape of the common concrete block. More people would build with earth. The planet would be better off.
  • Best Made Company
    Best Made Company is dedicated to equipping customers with quality tools and dependable information that they can use and pass down for generations. They seek to empower people to get outside, use their hands and in doing so embark on a life of fulfilling projects and lasting experiences.
  • Hennepin Made
    We are glassmakers. We are designers. We are a small committed team of people who put great care into our products. Hennepin Made was founded in Minneapolis in 2011 through the partnership of Joe Limpert and Jackson Schwartz with the common belief that handmade products have an essential place in our culture and everyday life. Joe was originally trained as a ceramicist and has always enjoyed the visceral nature of working with “hands on” materials. When he discovered glass he knew a switch was in order. This transition enabled an immediate fascination with the craft that lead to an apprenticeship with his instructor, Jackson Schwartz, who had returned from the Canberra School of Art in Australia. During the two years there were numerous conversations, dinners, and experiments with handmade glass in mind. This “research” informed a philosophy which was coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit to found Hennepin Made.
  • fab&made
    fab&made is a small multidisciplinary American studio made furniture brand. We are a collective of a fabulous team of artisans, sculptors , generational woodworkers consummate and emerging artist and designers collaborating together to craft amazing pieces of furniture. Some production pieces are Live edge dining table, conference tables, Walnut credenza and our Windsor series seating fabandmade.com
  • Made It
    Made IT is a network of historic firms from Lazio with themission of achieving and expressing Italian excellence in interior decoration. Made It guarantees years of experience in teamwork and production of complex integrated public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, private yachts and shops. They provide customers with all the different production phases: conception, communication, design, construction, installation and after-sales services. Great organizational skills and mutual integration allow the Made it group to operate in a timely and accurate manner in partial renovation of public and private environments, optimizing costs and times. In addition to their design services, they also have a line of furniture and home pieces they have designed.
  • Guest House
    A home goods store inside a century-old townhouse Denver, CO
  • MADE L.L.C.
    MADE is an innovative design firm distinguished by our belief in integrating the designer and builder at every stage of the construction process. By combining a design studio, a fabrication workshop, and a contracting team under one roof, we offer a range of services unmatched by conventional design practices. More importantly, with the talents of informed designers and the skills of inspired builders, MADE creates spaces that are intelligently designed and ultimately refreshing in sensibility and aesthetic.
  • Material Connexion
    Material ConneXion is the leading global platform for material solutions and innovations. Built on the belief that Every Idea has a Material Solution, we are the trusted advisor for Fortune 500's, smaller forward-thinking companies, and government agencies seeking a creative or competitive edge through strategic material selections. With offices in New York, Bangkok, Cologne, Daegu and Milan, Material ConneXion's international network of material specialists provide a global, cross-industry perspective on materials, sustainable alternatives, and their potential uses.
  • made with volume
    We design spaces for residential properties, boutique retail spaces and public experiences and installations. We are an award-winning spatial design studio and work on the intersection of design and architecture. We specialise in but are not limited to working within existing volumes of spaces.