• Portland Apron Company
    Since 2012 I've been designing and sewing linen and hemp aprons for individuals and businesses from my small studio. I love sewing, learning about sustainable fabrics, creating, and connecting with others. I make aprons I want to wear (and do!) by creating simple designs in flattering, functional patterns. It's my belief that if you use natural, sustainable fabrics and quality stitches, the beauty of the items speak for themselves. I love Japanese style aprons and linen pinafores you might see in an Anne of Green Gables movie. I hope my aprons inspire people to frolic in the sun, feel free, and be creative.
  • Studiopatro
    Studiopatro designs and makes beautiful and useful linens for the kitchen and the cook. Our linen aprons and towels are inherently sustainable, handprinted, and crafted locally in small batches with exacting attention to craftsmanship.
  • Full Swing Textiles
    Full Swing Textiles, Inc., founded in the mid-1980's, makes '30's through '50's styled barkcloth fabrics and other upholstery and drapery grade fabrics, pillows, bags, totes, aprons, etc. They custom weave their own barkcloth and print vintage inspired geometric and large scale tropical patterns, regional, Adirondack and vintage styles for any interior or business. They also make fun and creative pillows, bags, beach totes, aprons, and other personal and home accessories with their unique textile collection.
  • Kurage
    KURAGE is a modern collection of hand printed fabrics for curtains, decorations and upholstery. The collection also boasts porcelain, hand-tufted rugs, acoustic panels and a wide range of sewn products such as cushions, pouffes, bedspreads, tablecloths, place mats, dish towels, aprons, etc. Kurage was started in 1987 by Danish design duo Ruth Fabricius and Jesper Gundersen, and was purchased by Fischer Group in 2006. The designers' philosophy is to combine proud traditions of craftsmanship with a playful and inquisitive approach, to produce new and innovative designs.