• Adam Hayes
    Adam Hayes is an illustrator from Stoke-on-Trent, England. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2006 and continues to live and work in London. He frequently contributes to the UK Guardian, creating drawings for its travel section’s “Streets Ahead” series. For the July/August 2009 issue, he illustrated the green technologies used at Jim Austin’s Rimrock Ranch (“Off the Grid”).
  • Thomas Bentzen
    Thomas Bentzen's work ranges from tableware to interior design, from furniture to industrial design. His passion is to create objects that engage and create curiosity, that are functional and simple and meet the human need while in use—and simply create joy while not. He is obsessed with materials and their limits, by form and functionality and by the durability of design. Before setting up his own design office in spring 2010 he worked for Danish designer Louise Campbell for five years where he became a partner in 2008. Bentzen is co-founder of the Copenhagen-based design collective REMOVE and has exhibited his work at various international exhibitions and furniture fairs. He is a board-member at the Danish Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition also known as SE and occasionally teaches at the Danish Designschool in Copenhagen.
  • Context Gallery
    Principal & Creative Director @ Context Gallery
  • Kevin Hayes Architects
    Kevin Hayes Architects has been established in Brisbane for over 20 years. Our practice specialises in providing innovative architectural solutions to the problems of working and living in urban environments, with the bulk of work over the past 10 years being in Brisbane 's inner city. We believe that the main challenge facing architects today is to think beyond standard solutions and embrace the challenges of bringing together economic, legislative, environmental, cultural and community demands and expectations. Our designs not only respond to the needs and desires of our clients, but are sensitive to the environmental and cultural regions into which they are integrated. Through our appreciation of the complexities of modern cities, we bring to life buildings which encompass our clients' dreams and aspirations.
  • Kate Hayes Design
    I've always been curious. Curious about the early origins of design, why the French are born with innate style, why a space can make one feel warm, inspired, lighter, or even terrible. It is with this very simple curiosity that I approach my work, seeking to reflect the history, reinvent the new, and bring about something original, often unconventional, and viscerally beautiful. After earning my Art History degree at CU Boulder and studying Rennaisance architecture in Italy I searched the city of New York and worked in fashion, running my own fashion line, and finding that to be creatively rewarding yet not quite "me." Soon after, I was serendipitously introduced to a talented downtown interior designer. I honed my skills, and fell in love with design only to branch out on my own in 2009. In 2013, my husband and I moved our thriving businesses to Atlanta. With residential and commercial experience in New York City, Westchester, Portland, and Atlanta, Kate has also worked in retail and commercial design, assisting on the children's store Bundle in Soho and the Palm Jumeirah in Abu Dhabi. She resides in Atlanta with her husband Jack, son Coley, and dog Ned. Within the city, her work spans from Buckhead to Grant Park and everywhere in between. Kate Hayes Design is an Atlanta based interior design firm that brings modernity into Atlanta's traditional architecture. We specialize in new builds, residential renovations, and commercial projects throughout the U.S.
  • Savannah Hayes
    Textile & lifestyle brand featuring fabric by the yard, decorative pillows, throw blankets & more.