• Suburban Modern
    interior designer and etailer specialized in Scandinavian modern design
  • Houlihan Lawrence
    For 130 years, we've been committed to real estate innovation. Our founder, William Van Duzer Lawrence, was an industry pioneer, helping define the American suburban idyll through his development of Bronxville, New York. Today, we're the leading brokerage north of New York City, with 1,300 agents at 30 offices serving Westchester, Connecticut and the Hudson Valley. The future of real estate since 1888 // www.houlihanlawrence.com
  • FanArtReview
    FanArtReview is a great way to learn and grow for photographers. Here shared all photographs are reviewed by site members and review also includes a comment on the posted photograph and a rating. This photo site is one of the best platforms for photographers and artists of all skill levels. Visit to more information:http://www.fanartreview.com/
  • worldphotography
    We will take the photo of bride and bridegroom. http://abudhabiphotography.com/uae/wedding-photography/ camera will capture all the moments it include outdoor and indoor photographs.Photographs at church,reception,parks,botanic gardens,beaches will give a clean capture.Albums,videos,photos of wedding will be our main work.Our works are congragulated by the all religions.
  • James Labelle
    Break a leg & rise above, don’t let the customary treat you otherwise! http://illinoisrehab.com
  • Noah Webb
    Noah was born in Gold Beach, Oregon but grew up throughout California. As a California kid, he could always be found in and around water. Soon after deciding there wasn’t a large salary to be had as a professional water polo player, he discovered photography. In 1996 he graduated with a BFA in photography from San Francisco State University. Searching to learn more he moved to Los Angeles. There, he attended California institute of the Arts and received his M.F.A. in photography in 2000. His work has taken around the globe photographing various dynamic projects with clients including: West Elm, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Nike, HBA, Vanity Fair, Dwell, Monocle, Architectural Digest, and Apple. When not behind the camera lens Noah can be found in the ocean, on his bike or running the streets of sunny so-cal. www.noahwebb.com www.redeyereps.com
  • Randy Thueme Design
    Randy Thueme Design is an intimate Landscape Architecture studio comprised of the founder and enthusiastic design associates working in partnership with many leading Bay Area architects, designers, engineers and craftspeople. From our office on South Park, we work on projects throughout the Bay Area and western states. Our work is primarily with private residential and semi public institutional clients. We enjoy working with a full range of architectural styles from new and distinctive to vintage structures in need of refreshing - and everything in between. We have undertaken commissions across a range of scales and budgets. Small urban spaces, suburban sites and large acreage properties are all of interest to us. We thrive working with clients and design professionals who, while solving difficult challenges, wish to push beyond the ordinary to achieve a result that is unexpected, fresh, sometimes startling, and always distinctive. Feel free to contact us at randy@randythuemedesign.com or visit our site: www.randythuemedesign.com
  • Brad Dickson
    Brad is an architectural photographer based in NYC. He photographs for architects and interior designers attempting to elevate the photographs to the level of art rather than mere documentation. His hand crafted bespoke images are compelling and artistic. Brad draws his inspiration from the great American architectural photographers who came before him including; Julius Shulman, Ezra Stoller, and Balthazar Korab. Brad grew up in the mountains of North Carolina where his love for photography began with a high school photography class. Awarded a scholarship, he furthered his photography education at SCAD, the Savannah Collage of Art and Design. After his academic studies, he moved to New York City in 1995 to concentrate on architectural photography. He drew his initial inspiration from the vastly diverse architecture of New York and honed his craft through an apprenticeship with Paul Warchol. Now, he shoots for architectural firms like Salazar Architecture, Method Architects, and Konyk Architecture. Traveling the world for the perfect shot.
  • Shri Hari Productions
    We are Professional Indian wedding photographers in Delhi. We capture moments that remain in your heart forever. At Shri Hari Productions we believe in giving you memories that you can live again and again with our photographs. Trust upon us for specialized wedding photography, videography and cinematography. We do not just know for wedding photography only but, also for newborn kids photography, Toddlers & Family photography, 360 degree photography, candid wedding, corporate , maternity and pre-wedding photography. We offer best photography packages in all over India.
  • Galaxy Homes
    Galaxy Homes builds new residential properties and remodels existing homes in the Washington, DC area. We specialize in custom-made high-performance houses that maximize energy efficiency in the modern aesthetic. With more than 30 years of experience in residential construction, our repertoire continues to evolve to incorporate the latest technological advances and green building practices. Our emphasis on personalized attention above and beyond the expectations of our Galaxy homeowners reflects a cornerstone of how we do business. The Galaxy approach involves a highly collaborative process working closely to meet the needs our clients, balancing function and beauty, and sharing our passions for the unique places we call home.
  • 57st. design
    57st. design is a direct-to-consumer contemporary furniture brand based out of Chicago. We design, manufacture, and retail all of our work in-house, and all from our Pilsen workshop. Our goal is to make furniture that’s functional, beautiful in its simplicity, and built to last. This means solid, American hardwoods and hand-rubbed finish. It also means furniture that’s made to order and, if you’d like, customizable. Above all, it means furniture that’s available at a price that reflects the true cost of quality materials and ethical, sustainable manufacturing.
  • LucasShmitd
    Los Angeles movers https://www.victorymovinginc.com/ were awesome! I had very little time to plan my move, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find anyone on such short notice. Not only were they able to do the job on short notice - they were fast, friendly, careful, and professional all around. They went above and beyond and even tightened down some loose screws in one of my tables. I'd definitely use them in the future and would recommend them to anyone.
  • Robert Solomon
    Robert Solomon r.rmsolo@verizon.net 215-850-5384 artsy.net; artslant; saatchiart; inliquid I live and work in Philadelphia, PA. Among many things that influence my work are Chinese landscape painting, calligraphy, decoration and pattern. Stylized motifs, found diagrams and photographs are used to begin the painting process. The work displayed is from the “quatrefoil”, “forest-life” and “calligraphic expressionist” paintings produced in the past few years. The “quatrefoil” pieces illustrate a hybrid printing/painting method: overprinting a pattern until painting becomes dominant. Over time, reliance on conceptual problem solving has become less important allowing more freedom for intuition and movement. Photography and reexamining details of past work serves as an entry point to new directions: in the “light pool” studies, a photograph is a found object rendered into abstraction with gold leaf and gouache. A special alchemy develops over time in the studio methods and materials drawing me deeper into painting. The conceptual methodology dominant in my early installations and performances remain in my memory and heart. My formal art education includes undergraduate work at Pennsylvania State University and Graduate Architecture at University of California, Los Angeles and Graduate Sculpture at Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was an original member of Nexus Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 1975-1980. I have exhibited my work over the years in commercial galleries, public institutions, regional art centers and group and one person exhibitions. My curated shows include "a random walk, pathways into abstraction" at Rowan University Gallery 2013 and "Personal Boundaries" Sage Projects, Philadelphia 2009. "Accumulations" a retrospective show at Lawrence Gallery, Rosemont College, 2014 was followed by "red cap or the book of olives", an installation based on folktales and landscape, at The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, DE. My creative pursuits in 2015 were divided between studio work and directing a collaborative dance adaptation of "Red Riding Hood". This effort was performed at Neighborhood House, Christ Church, Philadelphia, May 2015. My interest in design in the 1990's led to my furniture being shown at Roche Bobois, Philadelphia and a licensing agreement with Euro-Pine, LTD, NJ. I was a member of the art-industry gallery Furniture of the 20thC, NYC, 1989-1991. My art residency experience includes Vermont Studio Center, spring 2013 and Bau Institute, Otranto, Italy 2012. I recently participated in the Director's Fellowship workshop at La MaMa, Spoleto, Italy, spring 2015. Recent painting 2017 Robert Solomon Landscape, architecture, pattern making and calligraphy are personal interests and to some extant have influence on my work. More immediate concerns are the daily practices in the studio, my tools and willingness to experiment and forego much of the conceptual underpinnings of earlier work. The diptych series uses the simple left and right structure to initiate a variety of entry points to painting. My first “rule” was to begin the painting of the right section, moving left and perhaps covering my finished work and painting by memory the left section. I continue to paint right to left, natural to my left handedness, but may jump ahead to the left section and an all over approach. The diptych structure, painting flat on a table, heightens my awareness of body position, arm movement and gesture, mark making and speed. Two unique technical aspects of these paintings are tools and ground: tools using rope in addition to other implements and ground incorporating a modified plaster on canvas. The ground facilitates a high degree of compatibility with my water based emulsions, pigment, dye and stain, better than paper. I believe technique is best left unspoken, much like a director not getting in the way of the narrative, allowing the visual experience to be completed by the viewer. These works are gestural, intuitive with the barest of preconceived subject matter.
  • santosh kadpewad
    Every living being is fond of flowers. The fragrance flowers give to our senses and the fresh sight of flowers, enchant us all. Humans have an inclination towards the flora environment since time immemorial. This is because the aura that the flowers exhibit, is unbeatable. Flowers are synonymous to calmness, peace, affection, purity, and above all, flowers define love. . Even in today's fast paced digital world, flowers have not been replaced as the most natural synonym to love, care, and affection. Withlovenregards has become the symbol of affection and love, Send flower bouquet online to see smile on your near and dearer one.
  • Damian Figueroa
    Serving the South Florida community! BUY | SELL | INVEST www.Damian-Figueroa.com Contact: DamianSellsRe@gmail.com As a licensed Real Estate agent I am an Expert in representing Buyers, Sellers, Investors, and Relocating clients. Listening to my client’s needs, providing superior service, negotiating contracts and problem solving are in the forefront of what I can bring to the table. Working by referral is my number one source of business. I enjoy building long-term relationships with clients and believe it is important for people to understand the type of professional service they get with a REALTOR® that works by referral. My goal is to provide a service that is above & beyond your expectations. It is a “Win-Win” situation for everyone. The better service I provide to you, the more likely you will refer me to your friends, family and co-workers. Please feel free to contact me with any of your real estate needs. I am here to serve you & committed to being your personal Realtor for life!
  • WeEdit.photos
    We Edit Photos – We Strive To Get Even Better We Edit Photos is one of the professional photo editing companies which care much about their clients and do their utmost at supplying them with best-quality photo retouching services. Unlike some of these companies we will never stop at where we are right now, since we aspire to reach new heights, gain new goals and help more people in their professional activities. There may be tons of freelance retouchers who worry mostly about their income, as you know. You may also encounter a multitude of amateur editors and editing companies who have basically one and the same aim. Would anyone like to be their regular customer? We doubt it. Some companies may offer good-quality services. However, since they desperately try to survive in the professional cut-throat world, they either triple the price to be able to keep rolling or have a business flop, alas. We Edit Photos is a retouching company that spares no effort to meet our clients’ demands, to do a good and high-quality retouching job and stay satisfied with the working results in the end. Why do we say so? Because we care! Why do we care much? Photography and photo retouching are our passions and we are extremely happy to be professionally involved in what we really adore. Every single employee of our company loves what he does and, most importantly, knows the deal. We are inspired by photography artists and people who are capable of seeing our mesmerizing world in a different way. They can capture amazing shots and show us the beauty of this world. We appreciate such people and admire the results of their painstaking work. And since we are enraptured over photography domain ourselves, we long to help people improve their photography, make it even more alluring, enchanting and unique, so that other people can see their value as well as we do. Photography is so worth it. Isn’t it indeed an imposing and sublime kind of visual art? No matter how beautiful photos look form the first sight, there still can be some shortcomings, like unwanted objects in the frame or some small imperfections of the model photographed. Or it’s the light and colors that could use some enhancement etc. There may be various kinds of obstacles for photographers to get utterly and completely satisfied with the results of their work. Some professional photographer may have such busy schedules that they may hardly have any spare time for a proper sleep. Photographers on the make, for instance, may not be aware of all of the nuances and tricks of professional photo editing yet. Therefore, we offer such people our professional help. We give them our professional helping hand in cases they need it. And since we love what we do, we care about the quality of our work and how satisfied our clients are afterwards. Quality is the burning priority for We Edit Photos retouching company and we always see to it that every photographs that we get. One more important thing, to our mind, is that we don’t force our clients to pay through nose for a well-done photo editing job. We tend to stay reasonable and fair, as well as cooperative and hardworking. What services do we offer? We Edit Photo offers professional photo editing services mainly to wedding and portrait photographers. We supply them with such photo retouching services as wedding photo editing, portrait photo editing, beauty and glamour photo retouching, photo correction and enhancement, color correction and retouching services, photo culling and background removal, photo post production and post processing. Our professional photo retouchers work their finger to the bone in order to heighten the quality of photographs that were outsourced to us. They take raw photos and prune all of the unwanted elements away from them, apply all the necessary adjustments to make photos look more flattering, get rid of even tiny imperfections for photo images to be even more impeccable and so on. Basically, we offer a wide range of professional services that can come in handy by a great number of photographers. Although some people deem photo editing to be less that important, in the age of swift technical development and digital life style it is indeed to steer clear of post photo shoot editing. The professional and highly skilled team We Edit Photos encompass only professionals: people who adore being a part of the given domain, who have all of pivotal knowledge and skills for this kind of work and who are always eager to move further and develop themselves. What is also essential, our professional photo retouchers always do their best to keep up with the times and stay tuned about latest trends, innovations and useful new techniques for even better photo editing job. We are eager to move forward! Some companies are apt to stay at the point where they feel most comfortable and snug with their photo editing business. We have a bit different professional outlook. We are convinced, there always should be a constant movement towards development and improvement. The world around us does not stand on one and the same place. There are always some changes, some new requirements and demands, new trends and tendencies pop up every season. Therefore, we always long to move further and get ahead. Why do we need it? We would like to help more photographers make their art better, empower them with our professional help so that they can be absolutely confident and sure in their masterpieces, as well as be able to show it to the rest of the world with pride and dignity. We would like to get better in order to produce even better results and make our clients utterly satisfies with our professional activity. What do we need for it? New improvements on the site and inside the team, additional trainings and courses, new collaborations and experience at cooperating with professional all over the globe. Unfortunately, one cannot always get what he dreams about unless one has necessary and supportive people at his side. Our team would be more that grateful and delighted if such people could help us reach our goals and make our aspirations a reality. Together we can reach new heights, invade new peaks of success and become a stringer helping power! Any help for the further development of our highly productive service will be so much appreciated! You help counts for us!
  • Fence Companies
    Fence Installation Mistakes Fencing installation is a huge task that provides your property an additional worth when done appropriately. A well mounted fencing acts as a deterrent to intruders as well as outsiders. It additionally makes your house look much more eye-catching. Most people attempt to set up the fence on their very own, at times they end up making really expensive errors. Below are a few of the common fencing installment blunders that we usually make. 1. Not Planning Before Study the item of land that you plan to fence and ensure you acquire the right fencing panels. By merely intending, you can stay clear of the expensive blunders in your fence installment task. 2. Noting Our Property Accurately If you typically aren't sure where your home ends, you ought to think about engaging a. specialist study company. In addition, you ought to consider this extra expense if there's any type of uncertainty as it will save you time along with cash. Not marking our residential property properly is a widespread fencing installation blunder that lots of people normally make. When you are noting your residential property, make certain that the lines do not overlap with your neighbor's residential or commercial property. If your fencing is too close or touching your neighbor's residential property, you'll need to break it down. 3. Selecting the Wrong Post Depth. Not selecting the proper post deepness will certainly make the fence to lose its honesty after a really brief time. As a result, you should always make certain that the deepness of the fencing amounts to or above the size of the fencing inside the ground. 2 -4 feet is the proper deepness relying on elevation in addition to material type. 4. Cannot Maintain the Fence Properly. Wood secure fencing normally requires to be sanded as well as re-painted after cleaning up to secure out any type of harmful compounds. Changing impaired articles as well as boards is very important as it prevents the materials from dispersing. Fencing is a fantastic investment in your home or business. Your attractive fence style will certainly include value to your home or business in a charming manner. Your household will also feel secure, as well as you will not have to worry. It is extremely vital that you prevent the above pointed out mistakes so that you get to appreciate the benefits of an effectively installed fence. Fencing installation is a huge undertaking that supplies your residential or commercial property an additional worth when done correctly. Study the item of land that you intend to fencing and ensure you get the appropriate fencing panels. Not noting our residential or commercial property properly is a prevalent fence installment mistake that many individuals typically make. You need to always guarantee that the deepness of the fencing is equivalent to or higher compared to the dimension of the fence inside the ground. Making sure that your fence is clean is the easiest method to maintain your fence beautiful as well as strong. Weather condition elements can cause mayhem on a fence if it's not appropriately maintained. With time, corrosion, mildew, sunlight, and mold usually use down any kind of sort of fence. Ensuring that your fencing is clean is the most convenient means to keep your fencing attractive in addition to solid. Verdict. http://ekrenfence.com
  • Ryan Hainey Photography LLC.
    In a world inundated with images, the story a picture tells better be a compelling one. For professionals who use images to show the quality of their work, mediocrity won’t do. They need expressive, evocative photographs that engage people. I’m a professional photographer who specializes in telling visual stories of the built environment. I use my craft of photography to help others – architects, designers, contractors, craftsmen. They spend a great deal of effort taking ideas and turning them into physical realities. For them, truly capturing their creations with photos is crucial. If my formal training in photography and my subsequent 10-plus years in the field have taught me anything, it’s this: quality photos that captivate and really move people do not come easily. But I love the challenge. Vivid, dramatic photos that convey a powerful story – that’s my goal with every shoot. 414.870.6676 ryan@ryanhainey.com www.ryanhainey.com
  • Architem
    Design quality in architecture and developing innovative solutions are the guiding principles of the firm. It has gained a reputation for successful and sensitive integration of new construction within existing built environments. ARCHITEM has developed substantial experience in the design and construction of residential and institutional facilities. The thread that ties these projects together is the shared values and strong sense of community they foster. It has achieved this through their design approach, which includes, above all, careful listening and a developed sensitivity to their client’s expressed needs and desires.