URBAN GREEN MAKERS, a brand created on the belief that greenery makes for a more creative, modern living space. UGM set out to create easy DIY Terrarium kits, everyone would love. Sourced in California and inspired from Japan, UGM supplies everything you need to make a modern Terrarium. Using drought-friendly materials, UGM do-it-yourself kits are easy to make and maintain. Designed for ease of construction, the terrarium kits make a perfect gift for those who wish to be in continual contact with green.
    alex@urbanbrokerage.life www.urbanbrokerage.life DRE# 02072044
  • Urban Outfitters
    Urban Outfitters is a global retailer with a boutique approach. Does that sound like a contradiction? How about this: Urban Outfitters is the biggest small retailer in the world. Still confused? That’s because we didn’t start Urban Outfitters to make sense on paper and we certainly never thought we’d be writing something like a brand bio. Hell, we don’t even have a logo.
  • Urban-Agency Architects
    An international office for architecture, urbanism, landscape design and research which embraces the contemporary challenges for built environment. What makes a great family home? Individuality; we understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. We aspire to create houses that are specifically geared to tailor each individual family’s needs, whilst on a larger scale aim to devise dynamic homes that will suit a diverse spectrum of families. We are living in a globalised age where people want amazing experiences, even at home! We have worked on many award winning houses as well as larger master plans for single-family housing over the years. Continuously, we challenge the industry by achieving unique homes that are incredible to live in.
  • kane architecture and urban design
    Kane Architecture and Urban Design is a design oriented practice that begins each project without pre-conceived ideas. We work collaboratively in close partnerships with our clients and design team to develop solutions crafted to the specificity of each project site and optimized to the unique requirements of our client.
  • Alter Urban
    Alter Urban was founded out of a conjoined thesis in 2002 which brought forth a founding belief that successful solutions are empowered by letting design lead. Since then, Alter Urban has transformed into a full service design collaborative. During its collective fifteen years of design experience, Alter Urban have created process that combines individual expression with community consciousness. The results are smart, innovative products, solutions, environments that meet the demands of modern living and elevate the beauty and function of everyday life. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Alter Urban serves clients both regionally and nationally.
  • Quiet Town
    Thoughtfully designed, ethically sourced, home goods for your bathroom
  • Quiet Studios
    Quiet Studios is an interior design company based in Berlin and Madrid. We believe in bringing artisanal handmade objects into contemporary spaces. All our interiors are informed by the principles of design psychology. We custom make furnishings and décor using a network of artisans.