• Studio Gang Architects
    Studio Gang is a leading architecture practice whose design work addresses buildings, landscapes and cities. Founded by Jeanne Gang in 1997, the office has grown to include 35 full-time staff collaborating on national and international projects. The studio acts as a lab for testing ideas on every scale, from cities to material properties. This sensibility is demonstrated by projects such as the Marble Curtain and SOS Community Center, which visibly engage with the distinct natures of marble and concrete, respectively, and the Aqua Tower in Chicago, which reconsiders the tall building as a site-specific structure. With a process that begins with research and exploration, the studio has produced a growing body of work that responds to its specific place and purpose. Studio Gang has received national and international recognition for its innovative and sustainable designs, and was most recently honored with an award of High Commendation for the SOS Community Center at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona.
  • Studio Puisto Architects
    The work of Studio Puisto Architects builds on the ecological, social and financial aspects of sustainability – combined with esthetics and functionality. Studio Puisto specializes in natural, sustainable choices of material and energy sources. Studio Puisto Architects is located in Helsinki, Finland.
  • Interface Studio Architects
    ISA is an architectural practice based in Philadelphia that serves a wide range of clients through a variety of project types. The common thread running through all of their work is an uncompromising commitment to design, research, and a pragmatic approach to innovation based in a transparent process of decision-making. They view projects as unique and complex networks of relationships that are subject to a broad range of constituents, challenges and opportunities. They seek to use design as a tool to balance the often competing interests among these forces.
  • City Desk Studio Architects
    The name of the firm expresses an interest we have in exploring the boundaries that architecture operates within - the larger boundless environment suggested by the CITY, and the intense focused craftsmanship of the object, the DESK. The focus of the STUDIO, architecture, exists in between these scales. We choose to be diverse in project types and scales. We believe the ideas, issues, and even construction techniques in these different project types inform each other resulting in work that is better designed and better built.
  • Studio AR+D Architects
    Studio AR+D Architects is an innovative Architecture+Design+Construction firm working nationally as one office from two locations: Palm Springs and Los Angeles, California. The firm was founded on the belief that architecture has the capacity to help shape one’s experience in and of this world. AR+D projects, big or small, public or private, high-end or low-income, all engage the public in a meaningful, poetic way and leave a lasting impression.
  • Arkin Tilt Architects
    Our projects embody a marriage of thoughtful design and ecology, creating spaces that are comfortable and lyrical. We are an award-winning firm specializing in energy and resource efficient design, with extensive experience in alternative construction systems, renewable energy systems, greywater, and non-toxic and recycled materials.
  • TaC studios
    Architects in Atlanta Georgia, designing for the way you live, work, shop, dine, and play.....
  • Jeff Jordan Architects
    Jeff Jordan Architects is an award winning architecture practice producing great results and an excellent client experience on projects large and small across the country.
  • Studio-FV
    Intl. Assoc. AIA- A building should not stand alone as a discrete object. Studio-FV explores the medium of architecture in its active condition. By applying research and technology to a range of scales and contexts, Studio-FV combines natural materials with emerging building practices to produce highly constructible designs that are both beautiful and high-performing. A philosophy of interconnectedness flows from design to business practice, delivering you a quality, collaborative and detail-orientated service experience. Studio-FV was established in 2008 in Puerto Natales Magellan and Chilean Antarctic Region, Province of Ultima Esperanza, Chile. Based in Portland, Oregon, Studio-FV is the recipient of numerous international awards
  • Specht Architects
    Specht Architects is an innovative and creative firm with rigorous standards for modern design. Our team's work includes commercial, institutional and residential projects. The firm maintains offices in Austin, TX, and New York City.
  • Habitan Architects
    HABITAN was formed in 2006 by a group of young architects from Barcelona that share the same attitude and understanding towards design and architecture. Their objective is to share resources, ideas and experiences and each one of us forms the team that is more appropriate for each project depending on subject, expertise and availability. Permanent members of HABITAN are Elena Hachuel, Yoel Karaso, Cecilia Tham and Marc Tomas.
  • Sand Studios
    Rooted in both a practice of building and the art of design, Sand Studios is a multidisciplinary architectural firm achieving a powerful balance between aesthetics and function.
  • SpaceLineDesign Architects
    We are a small sized firm based in Scottsdale Az offering bespoke design locally and across the US and internationally. We are focused on dynamic design solutions for today's modern world. Principal Architect Jeffrey H Page offers over twenty five years’ experience creating stunning modern designs for Residential Homes, Vacation Villas, Boutique Hotels, Luxurious Island Resorts, as well as New Office Buildings, Apartments, Retail, Automotive, Health Spas, Art Galleries, Restaurants, and of course Green Sustainable Master Planning and other creative services. SpaceLineDesign Architects have created projects throughout New York State and since 1996 in Phoenix Arizona, with several projects published locally and internationally. ******************* Since 2008 firm partners Jeffrey and Mahsa Page lived in and worked for international design firms in the dynamic architectural hub of Dubai, UAE. We have since been providing Architectural and Interior Design and Project Consulting to a growing collection of design focused clients and can now showcase projects across the USA and in over 10 countries. We continue to expand upon our unique design style and growing collection of daring custom design, influenced by today's modern, sensible design aesthetic.
  • RODE Architects
    RODE Architects is a full-service collaborative design firm led by two LEED Accredited principals and owners, Eric J. Robinson and Kevin S. Deabler. Located in the South End of Boston and founded in 2005, RODE’s flexible design process is enriched by an inherent, tight collaboration with clients. RODE provides a far-reaching range of design services, from site master planning and feasibility surveys to project management and innovative architectural solutions. We are nimble, young and resourceful, and proficient in navigating regulatory approvals in fast changing, inner city neighborhoods. One of RODE’s core competencies is an exceptionally productive working relationship with the BRA, ISD, Health Department, and other authorities. Landmark firm projects like the Bornstein and Pearl Food Production Center, consisting of a 36,000 square foot multi-tenanted food incubator for startup businesses, involved a complex permitting process with the City to allow for the reinvention of an existing industrial building. The Bornstein & Pearl project is the core commercial element within a larger plan to redevelop 4+ acres of vacant land, and bring more than $70 million of investment in affordable housing, commercial development, job creation, job training and youth arts programming to an underserved inner city neighborhood. RODE’s client collaborations include higher education private institutions, developers, business owners, and private individuals. We have a strong record of effectively collaborating with challenging stakeholder groups to push projects through to completion. RODE is the professional fermentation of their unique skills and capabilities.
  • Next Architects
    NEXT architects is an architecture practice that covers the full spectrum of the architectural field. Since its earliest projects, ‘Holland – Layer by Layer’ and ‘The Image of Metropolis’, NEXT has explored the boundaries of its own discipline, and searched for areas that overlap with other disciplines. This exploratory attitude has resulted in a highly diverse portfolio that ranges from design products to urban plans.
  • Boora Architects
    Boora Architects is an award winning architectural practice guided by core values of design, sustainability, innovation, and positive social impact. The Portland-based firm is a leader in the creation of cultural, educational, residential and workplace environments.