• 24x7 Locksmiths London
    I'm a professional Locksmith. I provides high level of quality emergency and commercial locksmith services in London
  • George Skala
    modern sustainable prefab
  • 30X40 Design Workshop
    Simple, modern, residential architecture inspired by humble, agrarian structures.
  • 20 x 200
    As we see it, there are a lot of people out there who want to sell their art and a lot of people who'd like to buy it. They just have a hard time finding each other. The internet is the perfect place to bring those people together, and we're exactly the right people to make it happen. We're passionate about art and the internet at 20x200. We're really excited about creating a place where almost any art lover can be an art collector. We introduce at least two new editions a week: one photo and one work on paper. Most are available in three or four sizes. When we first launched, the smallest size was reprinted in the largest batch — an edition of 200 — and sold at the lowest price — $20. Hence the name 20x200. (We say it: "twenty by two-hundred." 200x20 just didn't sound as good.) We also offer 11"x14" editions of 500 for $50, 16"x20" editions of 20 for $200, 20"x24" editions of 50 for $500, 24"x30" editions of 10 for $1,000 and 30"x40" editions of 2 for $2,000. We may occasionally offer editions at other sizes and price points. Usually, the original artwork is also available so let us know if you want the one-and-only! Every single print is delivered with a numbered certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist, the artist's bio and statement, and instructions for caring for your print.
  • Thomas Luinis
    Japanese garden designs , Chinese cent shui , healing , green , open design , technology
  • X + L Studio
    X+L stands for xander vervoort and leon van boxtel, amsterdam-based designers working together since 1987. Studio X+L is founded in 1996 with its focus on interior design for private homes, corporate spaces and gardens, as well as stage design. Every now and then single objects and small series of products are produced in a limited edition.
  • Kien Ha
    UX, UI, Awsome product