• Dwell Prefab
    Since 2005, Joel Turkel and Turkel Design have been Dwell's lead architectural partners in creating prefabricated homes that embody Dwell's vision of modern design. To celebrate the partnership's tenth year, we are pleased to announce a new exclusive collaboration: Dwell Prefab. This group of homes, the Axiom Series, offers a panelized system celebrating bold design, resource conservation, energy efficiency, and a predictable building process. Axiom Series homes start at $250 per square foot and never compromise on design, quality or construction. Bold Design A home should be beautiful to look at and a joy to live in. Each Axiom home reflects intuitively-designed living space and uncompromising attention to detail. Resource Conservation A home should use minimal material and energy to create. Pre-fabrication vastly reduces energy consumption and construction time, and all but eliminates waste. Energy Efficiency A home should consume very little energy. Axiom homes are designed to be exceptionally well insulated and airtight. Their reduced surface area and volume ensures lower lifecycle costs. Predictability A home should be designed and built against predictable benchmarks. Within fixed fee, and systemized design and delivery methods, Axiom homes can be modified, delivered and erected on your site with a high degree of predictability in cost, scheduling, and quality. Next Generation Living A home is a trust in which you place your future. Axiom homes are designed and fabricated to the highest standards of tomorrow. For more information, please contact us at info@turkeldesign.com or (617) 868-1867.
  • Lloyoll Prefabs
    Build & Price your Premium Prefab Online www.LLOYOLL.com Lloyoll crafts & delivers Modern, Eco-Friendly, Modular Homes throughout North America. We curate your home build process from Design to Delivery and Installation. Shop with us for an "All In One" Shopping Experience. Customize your Prefab with cost and timeline certainty.
  • Built Prefab
    Built Prefab designs and manufactures premium prefab modular homes in Kelowna, British Columbia and ships them across Western Canada. www.builtprefab.com
  • Deltec Homes
    The leader in precision-built, prefab high performance homes. We offer custom and pre-designed homes known for being extremely durable and energy efficient. deltechomes.com
  • Michael Sylvester
    Michael Sylvester is a writer who lives in both Los Angeles and an aisle seat, preferably in the exit row. On his pilgrimage to Dan Rockhill's Studio 804 in Lawrence, Kansas, to see its fabled prefab projects, he was feeling a bit self conscious being a Left Coast vegetarian in steak country. "In addition to their cool prefabs, there was a great vegan restaurant downtown. Who doesn't enjoy mixing good architecture with good food?" he says.
  • Connect Homes
    The Next Generation of Housing: Modern Green Affordable Prefab Homes
  • kitHAUS
    kitHAUS revolutionizes the conventional rules of prefab in a way that's as innovative as it is fexible. Our Modernist modules are built solid with a patented lightweight M.H.S. construction system, that gives you several advantages over conventional building practices. Our modules are constructed on site in a matter of days, not months, and because of its lightweight properties can get into the hardest-to-reach places, without heavy equipment. We at kitHAUS have pre-engineered several configurations from modest stand alone single units, perfect for that weekend retreat, backyard office or studio to more aggressive multi unit configurations. We have also partnered with state of the art solar technologies giving you the option of off-grid or grid-tie possibilities, customized to our kitHAUS configurations. Just think of the possibilities, starting now.
  • MARK IV Builders
    MARK IV Builders, INC is a design-build company with 28 years of proven experience, sticks to the schedule, communicates clearly and often, helps you make critical decisions, treats you and your property with respect, and is a pleasure to work with. www.MARKIVBuilders.com
  • Sarah Marcus Homes | BHG Highland Partners
    Nearly Two Decades of Experience. A Proven Record of Success. Sarah leaves no stone unturned when finding a purchaser for your house or searching for a perfect place for you to call home. With such low inventory in Oakland and the entire East Bay, Sarah has developed a successful strategy for finding her clients off-market properties that perfectly suit their wants and needs. Her creativity and hard work yields top notch results. Sarah has been a licensed Realtor since 2000. Her career in real estate began in Cleveland, Ohio, continued in Florida's Palm Beaches, and is now flourishing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Time and time again Sarah has facilitated top-dollar sales prices for her seller clients and help her buyer client's get the best value when purchasing a new home.
  • Gardenology
    Gardenology is a retail home decor and interior design boutique with two brick and mortar establishments in Southern California. Gardenology is a forerunner in the upscale outdoor market and has proven to be a forward-thinking leader in the home design arena.
  • Greenfab
    Greenfab is the perfect company for the design-conscious individual who wants to build a custom, healthy and energy-efficient home. Our transparent and streamlined prefab process allows you to create a custom home in about half of the usual time. Since every one of our projects is crafted in our own Pacific Northwest factory, the homeowner can be guaranteed of the cost and quality of their dwelling up front— All the benefits with no surprises. Toll-free 877-846-4445 info@greenfab.com greenfab.com
  • Joseph Nunez
    architecture, design, compact living, sustainability, prefab
  • Cubist Engineering
    At Cubist Engineering, we make small spaces, built to last. As custom pre-fab design/build shop, our focus is creating the building that feels like yours, whether it's a backyard office, in-law suite, retreat or studio. We combine innovative materials like cross-laminated-timber with unique engineering and custom features, from purpose-built furniture to modular decking.
  • ÖÖD Mirror Houses
    ÖÖD is a mirror glass cabin which blends into its surroundings! The first prefab mirror houses.
  • Method Homes
    Method Homes manufactures and sells architect-designed and custom prefab homes. With an acute attention to detail and an eye for sophisticated and sustainable design, Method has demonstrated that it is an intelligent choice for constructing a new home. Available nationwide and with its own production facility, Method Homes currently offers the Cabin series and SML series of single module spaces designed by Balance Associates Architects. Method also has the unique ability to construct other architect’s, developer’s, and prefab company’s custom designs to suit your individual needs.
  • Walker Warner Architects
    We create enduring architecture for inspired living. We believe architecture should be expressive, timeless, and always in unity with the natural beauty of the site. We understand that thoughtful designs emerge through the collaborative process of listening to, learning from, and engaging with our clients. Equally important is the study of the conditions and natural features of the landscape, the character of the existing structures, and the context created by the surroundings. Through this exploration, we gain a deep understanding of our client’s desires coupled with the possibilities offered by the site, which drives the design. Our work is informed, from concept to completion, by the highest levels of quality, integrity, and craftsmanship. It begins with a conscientious selection of appropriate materials, dedication to innovative and proven building techniques, and sustainable practices that promote environmental responsibility. Our longstanding partnerships with leading landscape architects, interior designers, builders and artisan craftspeople allow us to design with continuity, precision, and unparalleled sophistication and beauty.
  • Roland Jenkins
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  • Sean Brown
    Sean Brown is an accomplished entrepreneur, marketer, and investor with a proven track record for bringing businesses from concept to revenue at scale.
  • Caroline Motzel
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  • Scott Arthur Harris
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  • Synapse XT
    This supplement is a natural formula that uses several natural dietary ingredients to address the root cause of tinnitus. All the ingredients present inside this product have proven benefits for the health of brain cells and nerves.
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  • Nine Photography
    Photographers planning for our prefab house

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