• BONE Structure
    LEADING THE TRANSITION TO SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION. BONE Structure is defining the next generation of high-performance homes. Designed and built using an industrialized process inspired by the aerospace industry, BONE Structure homes offer unprecedented precision, architectural freedom, and energy efficiency. They produce minimal waste on site, are Zero-Net Energy ready and can be assembled within days. www.BONEstructure.ca
  • Drop Structures
    An internet based Design + Build Firm. We specialize in Simple | Efficient | Artful Spaces. Site Specific. Clientele Tailored. Powered by Laughter.
  • Giant Containers
    Giant Containers is a global supplier of new, used and modified shipping container and shipping container structures, houses, buildings and more. At Giant, we’re committed to executing quality at every step. Specializing in unique builds for leading world-class brands, organizations and government entities, we proudly include our name alongside every build we do, no matter how big or small. From conceptualization, planning and material sourcing, to building and delivering, we know even the small details can make a Giant impact. In other words, we do quality! Quality that begins with our team and ends with our product.
  • Jean Bai / Konstrukt Photo
    Architecture and interiors photographer serving the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
  • The Container Store
    In 1978, Kip Tindell (Chairman and CEO), Garrett Boone (Chairman Emeritus), and Architect John Mullen opened a retail store offering an exceptional and eclectic mix of products devoted to helping people simplify their lives. Today, with locations from coast to coast, our stores average 25,000 square feet and showcase more than 10,000 innovative products to help customers save space and, ultimately, save them time. The store layout is divided into lifestyle sections marked with brightly colored banners such as Closet, Kitchen, Office and Laundry.
  • Carothers Photo
    Telling my clients stories with dynamic images. Architecture, interiors, related products.
  • David Weeks Studio
    David Weeks Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio producing furniture, lighting, sculptural objects and toys. With heightened elegance and a dose of humor, David Weeks's Brooklyn-bred, New York City-based studio is housed between its Brooklyn workshop and its Tribeca storefront.
  • TilesInspired Toronto
    Canadian online tile store with unique European tiles. Explore the entire collection at https://tilesinspired.com/
  • Extraordinary Structures
    Extraordinary Structures is a design/build manufacturing company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We employ a combination of proven CNC equipment and traditional techniques to produce beautiful, versatile structures, modular components for owner-assembled architecture and innovative flat-packable products. We are focused on producing tiny houses, small structures, sheds, studios, accessory dwellings, accessory buildings and outbuildings. We have the capability to produce a wide range of furniture, utilitarian objects, architectural designs and art and exhibition elements.
  • AerialPhotography Toronto
    Misha Herschorn is the founder and head pilot of First Class Drones. His passion for RC (Radio Control) took off at the age of 13 when he built a gas-powered RC racing car. Since then, he has invested in hundreds of flying RC devices, culminating in his first purchase of a professional drone. Misha has been mastering the art of flying from a young age and has been filming and shooting photos and videos almost his entire life. Misha has gained extensive experience in videography, video production, and aerial cinematography both by practicing hard, being extremely creative, and learning from experts in the industry. https://www.firstclassdrones.ca/