• Eastern Manner
    Eastern Manner is a creative outlet to test our visual and woodworking skills, and ultimately bring something different to the skateboard industry. Raised in the nor'east, we take heavy influence from our alluring surrounding. Sourcing select exotic and local woods, our focus is crafting both visually pleasing and quality-ensuring skateboards.
  • Esque Studio
    Esque Studio is the result of a 20-year long collaboration between artists Andi Kovel and Justin Parker. The name Esque refers to the suffix meaning “in the manner of”, and is an intentional nod to and acknowledgment of outside influences and inspiration.
  • Georgian Appraisals
    Georgian Appraisals performs personal property appraisals, and helps fine estates liquidate in an orderly manner.
  • Plumb Architecture, LLC
    WE ARE Austin architects and designers with a conscience. As a small architecture firm with a diverse range of project experience, we approach each and every project with fresh eyes and an eagerness to find a solution to the puzzle. We believe that ALL projects should be built in a sustainable and responsible manner. We believe that ALL clients should be heard. Our designs are custom tailored, place-based solutions that are reflective of our clients’s needs, a project’s setting, and the use of appropriate materials and construction methods. We strive to deliver a product that exemplifies plumb.good.design.
  • Steel Float
    Steel wall panels that display your photos (which we print on fine art paper) in a contemporary & sophisticated manner
  • Petite Friture
    PETITE FRITURE, design editor created in 2009, was born with the will to promote young talents, and to develop with them a catalogue of objects, lighting and small furniture that creates a vibration. The result is elegant and accessible objects that in a simple and uninhibited manner tell a story; objects that understand our daily life and invite us to savour it.
  • UrbanLab
    UrbanLab creates dwellings that are both beautiful and surprising. We bring creativity and collaboration to each home we design. Ultimately, we seek simple, uncomplicated, economical design solutions. We put ourselves in our client's world to see issues and challenges through their eyes. Clients and specialists are intensively involved as collaborators at the earliest stages of the design process: feedback from the first ideas builds the design process itself, encouraging new insights from all stakeholders leading to innovative and unique design solutions. We believe in holistic architecture. Our work explores the interrelationships between buildings and landscapes; between structures and materials; between resources and lifestyles. We conceptualize and create spaces that establish healthy connections between people and their environments. We always seek to design in a sustainable and healthful manner. For each dwelling, UrbanLab creates an integrated cross-disciplinary design team in order to best address the complexities of contemporary design challenges. We routinely assemble professionals with the highest levels of expertise and experience to realize projects. To maximize design intelligence, collaborators often include landscape architects, engineers, ecologists, artists, fabricators, builders and contractors.
  • Officekit hr
    Office kit HR is a multipurpose human resource management system. Handle employees in a more innovative manner using HR management software in the organization.
  • Atmosphere Design Build
    Atmosphere Design Build is a design, architecture, and construction firm founded on an impassioned desire to create authentic structures that are built in a conscientious and ecological manner. We are a firm commited to place, people, and the environment. Atmosphere Design Build takes a holistic approach to the process of creating high performance, net zero energy, and Passive House custom residential projects.
  • Maija Louekari
    Maija Louekari was born in Oulu, Finland in 1982. Her designs for Marimekko exhibit a marked sense of location, time, and space. She has portrayed both the crowds of metropolises as the fabric Hetkiä and traditional Finnish landscapes as Kaiku, in a highly vivid manner. Her expressive line drawings and large planes of color combine to create a strong impression of three-dimensionality.
  • Brent Kendle / Kendle Design Collaborative
    Kendle Design Collaborative designs homes that speak to your heart and your place in the world, whether you live in a forest, waterfront, prairie or desert. Kendle Design Collaborative builds homes from materials desirable for their inherent beauty and low maintenance, and that tell the story of their special place in the world. Affirming that our designs represent the best in function, craft and timeless design Mercedes Benz chose two of our homes from thousands they considered, to be featured in the company’s 2015 European marketing campaign. Our commitment is to design a home, where, around every corner, you find something wonderful. Where, every day, you say to yourself, “I want to live here forever!” A home that brings you joy. THE IMPORTANCE OF JOY For me the number one attribute a successful home should have is that it brings its owners and their guests Joy. JOY, what brings us Joy is different for everyone. I feel my primary job as an architect is to understand enough about my clients, about what brings them joy, to embody that in the design of their new home so they feel it every day they are within it. This Process starts having conversations, asking questions and questioning answers until I am inside their head enough to understand their priorities, their values and most of all WHAT BRINGS THEM JOY. WHAT SETS KENDLE DESIGN COLLABORATIVE APART In a word AUTHENTICITY. What we practice is Regional Modernism. It’s not a “style”. It’s what we are passionate about, it’s what we believe in, it’s what we know and it’s in our soul. When you look at our website you won’t find Mediterranean, you won’t find Tuscan or French Country. It’s not who we are. The homes we design are in harmony with nature; they celebrate their context and reflect the unique values of the individuals we design for. WHY? Because when you design in this manner you transcend Style, you give the home roots, a reason for being what and where it is – you create timeless living architecture.
  • Lloyd Russell, AIA
    Lloyd Russell has been a practicing architect since 1997. He graduated from San Luis Obispo after spending a year abroad in Copenhagen. Lloyd explores the unique situations created by assuming the multiple roles of architect developer contractor creating buildings that could not be realized within the contemporary divisions of these roles in the building process. He creates interior and exterior spaces that have more value that the sum of their parts, often handcrafting simple details in a sophisticated manner he calls "handmade modernism"
  • Smart Furniture
    Smart Furniture's goal is to make sure that our wonderful customers get exactly what they want when they shop with us. With a 365-Day Return Policy, Free Shipping on most products, and No Sales Tax, Smart Furniture is wants to wow you every time you visit us. From office furniture to all manner of shelving to classics from the most iconic designers of the last century, whatever you buy at Smart Furniture comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Margrethe Odgaard
    Without looking closely at Margrethe Odgaard’s airy Copenhagen studio, you might think she works at warp speed. Since launching her independent studio in 2012, she’s racked up textile designs for companies like Hay and Georg Jensen Damask, while collaborating with other Danish creatives, from furniture designer Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm to a local chef-brewer duo with whom she designed branding for a line of beer. But poke around her shelves and you’ll find a rigorous foundation for her freewheeling body of work. Several years back, Odgaard created her own color index as an alternative to mathematically-derived systems like Pantone, RAL, and NCS. “Most of those colors lack complexity,” she explains. She wanted a range of hues that possess an immediate appeal to the senses, not just sight. “I decided that if the color appears edible, if you are willing to put the color in your mouth, then it [successfully] relates to the body.” She painted the resulting 280-color palette, a rich spectrum that ranges from a color-shifting cocoa to an ultra-saturated neon purple, onto popsicle sticks. Odgaard—who spent time at the Rhode Island School of Design in addition to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts—was raised in pastoral western Denmark. “Nature marked me in the sense that I am attracted to opposition like forging ahead in a strong headwind,” Odgaard says. “As a designer, I am constantly striving to not only make noise but to actually make a difference.”
  • Brightcoin
    We are a technology platform that enables entrepreneurs to create a Securities Token Offerings (STO). You can create a token, setup your smart contracts, and raise funds in a legally compliant manner. A basic DIY STO can be launched with zero upfront fees with no coding required.