PLANKTON A future-conscious avant-garde design-label .Our goal is to provide interior products with a maximal life-cycle through durable construction and good timeless design with a little poetry and soul. The small and exclusive collection is produced in the Netherlands and available trough www.planktonstation.nl and a small network of dealers. The design of PLANKTON-products aims to be good timeless design with a little poetry and soul, objects you don't want to throw away.
  • Jennifer Tolbert
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    Welcome to Asbestos Removal Guide, your number one information resource center on asbestos removal. We established this platform to help educate property owners about the dangers of asbestos, its removal and safety standards. Our site also provides detailed and up-to-date statistics about asbestos occurrence in major parts of Australia. We discuss methods of asbestos inspection, management and control of exposure. Whether you’re suspecting your home or commercial property to contain asbestos, we’ll supply you with all the information you may need to know. Why Choose Us? Asbestos Removal Guide is a reputable reference site when it comes to all information relating to asbestos removal and disposal procedures. Our aim is to provide accurate statistics and tips for asbestos detection, management, removal and disposal. With many years of experience in analyzing asbestos data and statistics, we are capable providing reliable advice to home or commercial property owners. Other reasons why we are the best include: -We work with experienced asbestos experts in the industry -We cover everything from asbestos types to asbestos health risks -Our experts collect asbestos statistics from all over the world -We offer elaborate advice on procedures of detecting asbestos -Our guide includes tips on reducing risk of asbestos exposure Our Key Services Our company/site provides advice on the following topics: -Main types of asbestos and their risks -Possible areas of asbestos occurrence in a home -Steps on identifying asbestos -Asbestos health risks on exposure -Safety removal tips and disposal procedures of asbestos Service Locations Our asbestos removal guide targets to help people from all over the world. However, it can be more beneficial to people living in countries where the amounts of asbestos occurrences are huge. Major countries affected by asbestos include United States, UK, Australia and Netherlands. Some of the states in Australia where people can largely benefit from our information include: -New South Wales -Queensland -West Australia -Victoria -South Australia For expert advice on asbestos detection, removal and safety removal procedures, feel free to call or email us and make inquiries. Our friendly team of customer support is always available for the better part of the day to respond to your issue.

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