• dSPACE Studio
    Our design tells your story. We create innovative architecture, interiors, and landscapes. dSPACE Studio is an award-winning architecture firm dedicated to thoughtful design, innovation, and craft of construction. Project types include residential and small commercial, with a focus on urban dwellings, vacation homes, boutique restaurants, retail, and unique office spaces. Projects include new construction, renovations, and additions. APPROACH dSPACE Studio approaches all projects individually. Each project starts with an exploration of client needs and evolves from budget, location, and context without imposition of preconceived styles or solutions. The firm strives to integrate environmentally sustainable design with green technologies and materials, whenever possible. PHILOSOPHY dSPACE Studio is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction by meeting mutually agreed upon project requirements and goals. The firm strives to offer exceptional service through all phases of design and construction, and is strongly committed to effective communication and attention to detail.
  • The Land of Nod
    Our story begins with two friends who expect more from their children’s furniture and feel that high-quality and good design don’t have to be mutually exclusive. So childhood friends Scott Eirinberg and Jamie Cohen took matters into their own hands and founded The Land of Nod in 1996. They started the company in the Chicago suburbs right out of Scott’s own basement, figuring there was nowhere to go but up (literally). Then in 2001, an unexpected hand reached out to Scott and Jamie in the form of Crate and Barrel. The two companies teamed up to expand their catalog and website, while also making Nod’s products more widely available throughout the US. As of 2010, The Land of Nod has been fully owned by Crate and Barrel and provides safe, high-quality home furnishings all over the world.
  • Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller
    Independently of the function of a building Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller has always seen its aim as developing architecture to suit the task in the area of tension between social responsibility and individual client wishes that is also convincing from a design point of view. Good architecture can only be created if we constantly succeed in uniting all those affected by the planning and the experts who are involved in the planning of a building in mutual work and consensus. The inter-personal qualification and skills of the planner are required here in order to settle any conflicts and to find solutions that visibly express the demand for a wholly convincing architecture. The path to this point is long and thorny. But if it is successful then all the effort has been worthwhile and the motivation is renewed to continue along this path with conviction.