• McLeod Kredell Architects
    McLeod Kredell Architects is a studio built around the practice, teaching, and community engagement of architecture. We believe that architecture grows out of its particular place and time--yet at its best it also transcends those limits. In the end, architecture should be inspiring--for the client, the architect, the builder, the passerby. John McLeod and Steve Kredell have been collaborating since graduate architecture school in the mid-90s. Both are licensed Architects and LEED Accredited Professionals. They practiced with firms in New York, Pittsburgh, Switzerland, and Vermont before opening their own office. John is a visiting professor of architecture at Middlebury College and Steve teaches in Norwich University's School of Architecture. Both principals team up each year with Jonathan Marvel to lead the Bear Island Design Assembly with students in Maine. Combining teaching with practicing, MKA focuses on the search for appropriate local expressions of universal qualities and ideals.
  • DeForest Architects PLLC
    Known for warm modern design that "plays well with others," DeForest Architects is dedicated to engaging clients in the fun and creativity of the design process. Working closely with clients throughout the Northwest, California, Hawaii, and beyond, the firm thrives on inventing new ways to live, work, and play.
  • studioMET architects
    Shaped by the constant pursuit of perfection and inspired by our love for making. We are a collective of architects, craftsmen, artists, and designers – with practices rooted in the master-builder tradition in the modern world. Designed for modern everyday living and made by hand with care.
  • Arkin Tilt Architects
    Our projects embody a marriage of thoughtful design and ecology, creating spaces that are comfortable and lyrical. We are an award-winning firm specializing in energy and resource efficient design, with extensive experience in alternative construction systems, renewable energy systems, greywater, and non-toxic and recycled materials.
  • A.GRUPPO Architects
    Architecture · Planning · Design Build www.agruppo.com
  • Luigi Rosselli Architects
    Australian based, this practice has a humanist approach to architecture and design, not eager to win awards, but always to instil good design and humane architecture that develops affinities, creating sympathetic buildings that flow and appeal. Working from the top floor of a converted Sydney warehouse, they are a team of architects and interior designers under the guidance of Luigi Rosselli and his three decades of international experience in Milano, Switzerland, New York and Sydney. Renowned for their houses, residential architecture, adaptive re-use and heritage designs, the studio has worked on a very wide range of projects: from offices to factories, from libraries to wineries, from childcare to chapels. Luigi Rosselli Architects is a carbon neutral practice applying sustainable building practises, as demonstrated by their expertise in rammed earth, air-conditioning-free spaces and energy efficiency. The humanist and environmental principles apparent in their projects has attracted a variety of clients, from the top achievers of Australian society to the penniless artist, with a variety of locations and briefs, resulting in a continual renewal of design solutions. Welcome to this showcase of their projects and please check back regularly as it will get better and better. # residential architecture # green # Sydney # rammed earth # contemporary # alterations and additions # adaptive re-use # award winning
  • Jeff Shelton Architect
    Santa Barbara, California Architect & Designer warping perspectives & creating delightful spaces.
  • PLANT Architect Inc.
    PLANT Architect Inc. is an award-winning practice that branches into architecture, landscape, and design. On projects ranging from modest residential renovations to urban renewal on a civic scale, our studio's architects and landscape architects collaborate across disciplinary borders to reveal a site's potential and explore its context. Both meanings of "PLANT" inspired our name: we are makers who value process, craft, and construction, and we have a deep-rooted connection to a sense of place, landscape, and natural materials.
  • SpaceLineDesign Architects
    We are a creative design firm in Scottsdale Arizona offering bespoke architectural design locally and across the US and internationally, offering thoughtful design solutions for today's modern world. Principal Architect Jeffrey H Page offers over thirty years’ experience creating stunning modern designs for Residential Homes, Vacation Villas, Boutique Hotels, Luxurious Island Resorts, New Office Buildings, Apartments, Retail, Automotive, Health Spas, Art Galleries, Restaurants, Master Planning and of course all employ Green Sustainable practices and other creative services. Architect Jeff Page originally began practice in upstate NY in 1988 and since 1996 in Phoenix Arizona, with several projects published locally and internationally. In 2008 partners Jeff and Mahsa Page had the opportunity to live and work for international design firms in the dynamic architectural hub of Dubai, UAE. "There we created several luxurious villas, boutique hotels and some amazing commercial spaces and experienced a diverse cultural world immersed in all the latest design fashions." Today, we are back in Arizona offering our Architectural and Interior Design and Project Consulting to a growing collection of design focused clients and can now showcase projects across the USA and in over 10 countries. We continue to expand upon our unique design style and growing collection of daring custom design, influenced by today's modern, sensible design aesthetic. Feel free to reach out to us with your custom design project needs for Master Planning, Residential Custom Home Design, Hospitality or Commercial & Tenant Improvement design opportunities. Our website has a comprehensive breakdown of projects and typical fees.
  • McInturff Architects
    McInturff Architects, an eight-person firm in Bethesda, Maryland, has an orientation toward small highly-crafted contemporary design for residential, commercial, and small institutional projects. Our complete architectural and interior design services involve considerable client interaction in order to tailor the projects to the needs of the users. Our work has been frequently published, both locally and nationally, and we have received more than 300 design awards, including three national AIA Honor Awards, two for Interior Architecture and one for Urban Design. The work is the subject of three monographs, In Detail: McInturff Architects (2001) and In Residence: McInturff Architects (2007), and In House: McInturff Architects (2013) by The Images Publishing Group of Australia
  • Gardner Architects LLC
    Inspired by a shared interest in sustainable design and artfully crafted buildings, we established Gardner Architects in 2003. While our work is unwaveringly devoted to a concern for space, light, order, and craft, it is guided by our commitment to environmental stewardship through responsible, inventive design. and professional leadership. We bring to our practice a detail-oriented approach to building design, developed over three decades of practice working on a range of projects from large scale commercial and institutional buildings to private homes. The focus of our practice is residential architecture. Whether a project involves a renovation, an addition to an existing building where new meets old, or new construction, we offer full service architectural design services at a highly personalized level for our clients.
  • Jeff Jordan Architects
    Jeff Jordan Architects is an award winning architecture practice producing great results and an excellent client experience on projects large and small across the country.
  • Barrett Studio Architects
    Modern Living Architecture is the inspiration for Barrett Studio Architect's 40-year practice in Boulder, CO. Through co-creation with our clients and listening to the land and climate, together we arrive at remarkable design solutions that are ecologically inspired. Ranging in style from modern to earthy organic, our creations span expansive custom homes with spectacular sites to neighborhood remodels for design-loving clients.
  • Bittoni Architects
    Bittoni Architects is a full service architectural practice predicated on the simple notion that architecture is both an artistic and social endeavor and has the potential to enhance the way we experience the world around us. Our work is idea driven with a strong emphasis on research and analysis. It is our belief that with a thorough investigation of the problem, context, and culture, we can create solutions that give way to new forms of expression and interaction that are unique to each of our projects.
  • Austin Maynard Architects
    Since 2002, the Austin Maynard Architects team has built up an exciting and diverse portfolio. The practice is not inhibited by building type, but rather navigates residential, retail and commercial arenas and is rich in envelope-pushing conceptual designs. Austin Maynard Architects explore architecture of enthusiasm. Treating each project as a unique challenge, and working directly with clients and occupants, our team offer individual possibilities and thoughtful responses to people, brief and place.
  • Abramson Architects
    Abramson Architects is a design firm based in Los Angeles, California. We’ve preserved constant design themes that reflect our Southern California roots while remaining inventive and progressive. Clean lines and striking forms are infused with layers of light and texture to maintain natural dimension and endless possibility. Through weaving the subtle and the sensational, we create spaces that are as unforgettable as they are functional. Our multi-faceted practice, initially focusing on single-family residences, now encompasses workplace environments, restaurants, retail, religious spaces, educational facilities, and commercial buildings. Regardless of the project type our designs are inspired by an earnest desire to elevate the human soul, to facilitate connection, and to improve the lives of the people they serve. Our goal is to find the perfect balance in every physical space by merging boldly calculated yet deliberately spontaneous thinking to create experiential harmony.
  • DO Architects
    D/O Architects is a Minneapolis based design studio with a commitment to design excellence through the integration of buildings and landscapes.
  • Torchio Architects
    Creating exciting, healthy and sustainable environments in which to live, work, play and worship. www.torchioarchitects.com
  • FINNE Architects
    Raised in the United States and Norway, Nils Finne established FINNE Architects in Seattle in order to bring a Scandinavian understanding of craft and landscape to the Pacific Northwest. The firm has practiced smart sustainable design for twenty-five years, designing new custom homes and renovation projects in many states including Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan and Massachusetts. FINNE is a member of the Green Building Council. Dedicated to the idea of Crafted Modernism, Nils Finne typically designs custom lighting, furniture, cabinets and hardware for every project. FINNE has produced more than 80 pieces of custom fabrications, which are also sold as stand-alone items.
  • Heliotrope Architects
    Heliotrope designs smart, contemporary works of architecture that transcend style and trend. Process driven and rigorously attentive to detail, we strive for clear, elegant solutions rooted in a thorough understanding of the social, cultural and physical qualities unique to each project. Powered by fruitful collaborations with clients, craftspeople, consultants and colleagues, the work reflects a passion for people and the various, complex places they inhabit. Founded in 1999 by principals Mike Mora and Joe Herrin, Heliotrope has been recognized locally, regionally and nationally for their carefully crafted private residential commissions located throughout the West. Heliotrope has also developed a portfolio of highly successful restaurants, retail stores, public spaces and work environments. These projects are informed by a deep understanding of human scale and comfort, developed through decades of residential work, coupled with our passion for creating quality urban experiences. A winner of eight prestigious AIA design awards, Heliotrope is dedicated to creating spaces and places of enduring quality and timeless beauty. We have offices in Seattle and Portland.
  • Urban-Agency Architects
    An international office for architecture, urbanism, landscape design and research which embraces the contemporary challenges for built environment. What makes a great family home? Individuality; we understand that families come in all shapes and sizes. We aspire to create houses that are specifically geared to tailor each individual family’s needs, whilst on a larger scale aim to devise dynamic homes that will suit a diverse spectrum of families. We are living in a globalised age where people want amazing experiences, even at home! We have worked on many award winning houses as well as larger master plans for single-family housing over the years. Continuously, we challenge the industry by achieving unique homes that are incredible to live in.
    Montalba Architects is an award-winning practice based in Los Angeles, CA and Lausanne, Switzerland producing a diverse collection of projects ranging in scale from residential homes to commercial office interiors, retail stores and master planning. By embracing a humanistic approach that considers a client's needs and site requirements along with the cultural and economic environment, solutions are realized that are contextually conceptual and visionary in their intent, effect and appeal. Our projects emphasize experiences by creating environments that are both socially responsive and aesthetically progressive. The forces of volumetric landscapes, material integrity and natural light are combined with pure spatial volumes to create solutions to pragmatic requirements of the client, constructability and context.
  • Axelrod Architects
    Founded in 2006 by Principal Irit Axelrod, acclaimed architectural firm Axelrod Design is based in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, with a notable body of work in the modernist style, including distinctive private residences, commercial buildings and interiors, and public spaces, including the Ben Gurion Heritage Institute building, south of Israel. The firm’s rigorous and elemental design approach has resulted in a meticulously crafted minimalism. Its principal’s personal vision captures an unconventional beauty, found in the expression of natural materials and construction methods. The result renders sleek, monolithic structures that explore an unbridled play on light, proportions, and geometry.  Axelrod Design recognizes the best buildings come from a close collaboration between itself, its consultants, the general contractor and the client. With this in mind, it approaches every project from conceptual design through construction, overseeing every detail is faithfully executed, resulting in a precisely constructed building.    Irit Axelrod graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in the Technion/ Israeli Institute of Technology (1993). She is an International Assoc. AIA member and LEED© AP Certified. The firm has been published in top international architecture publications, including Wallpaper, Dwell and Domus.  
  • Andrew Mikhael Architect
    DELIGHT in the process. Live in HARMONY. You want something that doesn’t exist - yet. You don’t know quite what it is. I live in this world - in the future - imagining potential moments big and small. How the afternoon sun warms a corner of your room inviting you to cozy up with a book. How you move about with ease and comfort. What frames your view in everyday activities. These moments, when pored over and cultured with intention, create what I call a luxury of the senses. It isn’t about money, brands, or showing off, it is about you and living amongst beauty.
  • Gudmundur Jonsson Architect
    Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor was established in 1986 in Oslo, Norway
  • Alchemy Architects
    Alchemy delivers design. We use a distinct hands-on approach to architecture combining a playful design process, collaborative relationships with clients, and partnerships with builders and fabricators. Our projects prioritize building strategies that reduce waste, and utilize recycling and reuse. Alchemy innovates.
  • Norm Architects
    Norm is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on residential architecture, commercial interiors, and industrial design. It was founded in 2008 by architects Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, who seek to create timeless architecture and meaningful design products. With a determined focus on a good ideas, the right materials, and fine craftsmanship, Norm's primary endeavor is to create useful products, appealing design, and architecture that captures and inspires life.
  • Martinkovic Milford Architects
    An architectural design firm with offices in San Francisco and New York City, Martinkovic Milford Architects (MMA) crafts high-end, custom solutions for home owners and developers, healthcare providers, commercial and hospitality clients. Client-focused and innovative, we strive to combine an understanding of your hopes and dreams for your home with the untapped potential of your site – the end result being a home that’s unique and special to you.
  • Studio MM Architect
    Studio MM Architect is a Hudson Valley and New York City based contemporary residential architecture firm. Founded in 2010 by Marica McKeel, AIA, the studio is known for its site-specific designs, its connections to the Hudson Valley, and its client-focused collaborations. Our work includes new homes, residential renovations, furniture design, and partnerships with local business owners. Among others, we have recently completed Tranquil Abiding, a contemporary home and meditative retreat in southern New York. Projects currently in development are located throughout the Hudson Valley and Tri-State area, in Tampa, FL, and in cities across the United States. Marica is licensed to practice architecture in NY, CT, MA, FL, SC, OH, VT, and TN.
  • Lynn Gaffney Architect
    Based in Brooklyn and founded in 1997, Lynn Gaffney Architect (LGA) is a nationally recognized full-service architecture firm distinguished by the range of our work which is diverse in scale, spatial qualities, and style. We collaborate with clients to design spaces with thoughtful, creative solutions that address the everyday lives of those who use them.
  • Catherine Truman Architects
    Award-winning Catherine Truman Architects specializes in the custom design of modern and traditional homes, renovations, and historic preservation.

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