Joy Rondello is an interior designer specializing in residential and retail. She founded J+Studio in Seattle, designing homes and boutique retail shops for clients in the Pacific Northwest and internationally.
    SLH-STUDIO, LLC is a photography collective started by Sylvia Hardy. We are experts in architectural photography, still-life, art documentation, and museum standard cultural heritage photography. The collective currently consists of Sylvia Hardy, who holds an MFA in photography from Parsons School of Design with 7+ years of architectural photography experience and Allen Chen, who holds an MFA from Yale University, who has previously worked as an in house photographer at Princeton University Art Museum and GILT Groupe.
  • K-Studio
    Since 2002, siblings Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis of Athens-based K-Studio have built up a varied portfolio of projects, believing that encouraging creative experimentation and fresh thinking leads to exciting architectural experiences on every scale and in every aspect of life.
  • TaC studios
    Architects in Atlanta Georgia, designing for the way you live, work, shop, dine, and play.....believing life is better with design.
  • Studio-FV
    Intl. Assoc. AIA- A building should not stand alone as a discrete object. Studio-FV explores the medium of architecture in its active condition. By applying research and technology to a range of scales and contexts, Studio-FV combines natural materials with emerging building practices to produce highly constructible designs that are both beautiful and high-performing. A philosophy of interconnectedness flows from design to business practice, delivering you a quality, collaborative and detail-orientated service experience. Studio-FV was established in 2008 in Puerto Natales Magellan and Chilean Antarctic Region, Province of Ultima Esperanza, Chile. Based in Portland, Oregon, Studio-FV is the recipient of numerous international awards
  • AAHA Studio
    AAHA Studio (formerly HH Design) is a concierge style, family run Architecture and Interior Design Studio who works hand in hand with clients to deliver their dreams. Let's Design Your Dream _________. With an intense attention to detail, acute problem solving, construction knowledge and project management skills, AAHA Studio imbues each and every project with professionalism and personality. Our goal is to approach every design problem with a creativity and attentiveness that bridges functional solutions with luxurious aesthetics. With our clients' vision at the forefront of every project, our studio is committed to collaboratively designing solutions which are unique, inspiring and responsive to the way we live, work and play. Located in Los Angeles, California.
  • DAS Studio
    DAS Studio is an award-winning architecture and Passive House Design firm. Our work includes new homes, additions and renovations that focus on sustainability and creating spaces for our clients’ needs and lifestyles. We draw from the existing environment’s potential to transform it into one that is fresh and speaks to their innate aesthetics. Our philosophy is that modern architecture & design should enhance the interaction between the architectural spaces we create and those who occupy them. We believe that the timeless qualities of being sensitive to both balances the immediate requirements of our clients and their long term needs. To complement our architecture, we also design Gardens, Interiors and Furniture. We carry out LEED certifications and use Passive House design techniques where appropriate.
  • Jones Studio
    We.. Share a deep respect for the earth. Embody an agent to create a better place with every endeavor. Sincerely appreciate our client’s faith in us. Remember each new opportunity is a privilege. Joyfully embrace the process of discovering unique design solutions as varied and interesting as our clients. Find inspiration in traditions of the past, technological advances of tomorrow and craftsmanship binding them to the present. Bring professionalism and conviction to every size project. And we have sustained this attitude for more than 35 years!
  • Keuka Studios
    Keuka Studios, Inc., specializes in modern architectural metal stairs and railings. We value precise design, quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship. Though located in upstate New York, we work with clients across the U.S. and in the Caribbean. Keuka Studios designs and builds our metal railings and stairs in-house then ships you the final product ready for installation. Whether your project is for an interior or exterior space, our design process ensures that our product will fit exactly when it arrives at your site.
    KEM STUDIO is a design studio that fuses architecture + industrial design. This fusion is a natural extension of our underlying design philosophy - Better Design Better Living™ - making design more approachable, livable and necessary in our lives.
  • studio SSAM
    Whether working in the fields of residential and commercial architecture, or as part of a greater collaborative pursuit, at Studio SSAM it is our belief that one can make more with less. And that in doing so the work can still be thoughtful, and beautiful, and good. Fundamentally it is our intention, regardless of scale, to make design that provides well-being for both the human that uses it and the environment that surrounds it, in an engaging, thoughtful and responsible way.
  • UNStudio
    UNStudio is an international architectural practice, situated in Amsterdam since 1988, with extensive experience in the fields of urbanism, infrastructure, public, private and utility buildings on different scale levels. At the basis of UNStudio are a number of long-term goals, which are intended to define and guide the quality of our performance in the architectural field. We strive to make a significant contribution to the discipline of architecture, to continue to develop our qualities with respect to design, technology, knowledge and management and to be a specialist in public network projects. We see as mutually sustaining the environment, market demands and client wishes that enable our work, and we aim for results in which our goals and our client’s goals overlap.
  • Sebastian Mariscal Studio
    SMS is a design and development office located in Cambridge, MA. Our work focuses on finding new possibilities for living within dense urban environments through the integration of landscape and architecture, the coupling of sustainable construction practices with attention to detail, commitment to craft, and a passion for environments that encourage community participation. We take pride in the quality of our team, comprised of a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a range of fields, from architecture, construction, landscape, and development, to accounting and business administration. Our combined experience spans every phase of the building process.
  • Red Dot Studio
    Red Dot Studio’s approach looks for everyday beauty and meaning, drawing from the Bay Area Tradition, the natural world and an appreciation of craft. Our process elicits discovery and fun, a synthesis shared among studio, client and construction team. Red Dot Studio believes that the built environment can support, enhance, uplift, enlighten and foster good for people and the community. Our projects are narratives allowing the life that occurs within to continue to shape the space.
  • un.box studio
    Un.Box Studio is a collaborative design studio based in Austin, TX. Our goal is to enhance the everyday environment through minimalist, efficient, and sustainable design. Our creative approach to design has allowed us to successfully work in a variety of typologies ranging from residences to mixed-use developments to art exhibit curations. www.un-boxstudio.com
  • Studio Marcus Hay
    SMH, Inc is a multi-disciplinary creative studio that reinvigorates the visual world of established brands. We believe in inspiring people, and in reinterpreting the past to create original imagery. Forward-thinking clients get us excited. Brands come to us to deliver innovative strategies that resonate and leave a lasting impression. If credit is needed for any of the images used, we are happy to credit the original source.
  • PAUL CREMOUX studio
    PAUL CREMOUX studio is an architectural firm committed to distinguishing sustainable eco-effective building designs. Our goal is to produce architecture that celebrates life, enriches the natural environment and the human condition. We envision a process that is integrated into a concept that balances environment enrichment proposals, beauty and social responsibility with the client’s needs and desires.
  • Sean Wooolsey Studio
    Sean Woolsey is a California born and raised furniture designer, artist, craftsman, husband and father. Inspired by his own father, a photographer and well-known stained-glass lamp maker, Woolsey launched The Sean Woolsey Studio in sunny Costa Mesa, Calif. in 2011. The studio's focus is on fine art and handmade furniture with a design process guided by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi which recognizes the beauty in imperfect things that bear the imprint of time. Wabi Sabi is about the minor and the hidden, the tentative and the ephemeral. It finds true beauty in the organic. All studio pieces are proudly built to last for generations, crafted within a 35-mile radius of the workshop and shipped worldwide. For more information, please visit www.seanwoolsey.com and follow the studio's latest news on Instagram @thewoolsey.