• Advanced Architectural Metals, LLC
    Advanced Architectural Metals, LLC is a manufacturer and installer of maintenance-free Architectural Trim and Metal Exteriors. AAM produces metal architectural trim in heavy gauges using painted or anodized aluminum, steel, copper and zinc. These products include cornice and concealed gutter systems, rake, parapet cladding, wall panels and many other categories of architectural trim and facade work. Our products can be manufactured in up to 20' long pieces.
  • Chris French Metal, Inc.
    Chris French Metal, Inc. is a fabrication studio based in Oakland, California dedicated to providing superior quality, craftsmanship, and service.
  • Patrick Francis
    Walks on the Beach, Sunsets, Death Metal
  • Shawn Genoway
    3D Printing, hot metal type, IoT, design
  • Daniel P White
    Keuka Studios, Inc., specializes in modern architectural metal stairs and railings. Emphasis is on excellent design and workmanship. Regardless of your location (we ship nationwide and the Caribbean). Whether your project is for the interior or exterior we have developed systems to ensure what we build will fit exactly when it arrives at your site.