• Keven Matsuzaka
    Keven Matsuzaka is a renaissance man and a discerning aesthete. His aesthetic includes pilasters and consuls. And he's a food scrutinizer.
    Classical Mid-Century Modern Contemporary Avant Garde Renaissance Neo-Gothic
  • Brendan Crain
    Brendan Crain is a blogger (thewhereblog.blogspot.com) and nonprofit renaissance man living in Chicago, Illinois. He took a two-hour bus ride north to Milwaukee, borrowed a relative's car, and then turned around and drove an hour and a half south to get to the Edstrom Residence featured in the article "Opened House." As a result of getting lost on the backroads of rural Wisconsin–the drive south was only supposed to take an hour– Crain now considers himself an intrepid reporter.
  • Watershed Materials
    In 1978, David Easton founded Rammed Earth Works and began to fashion the foundations of what would become the modern rammed earth movement. Today Rammed Earth Works is a consulting and artisan construction firm specializing in the technologies and formulations of stabilized earth across the globe. Beginning in the mid 1970’s, lead in large part by Watershed Materials' sister company Rammed Earth Works, the practice of rammed earth began to experience a renaissance. Builders around the world refined the methodology and revived a lost art. Rammed Earth went from a status of “what?” to “wow!” It is beautiful, energy storing, low carbon, and durable. Watershed Materials had the idea to capture the beauty and sustainability of rammed earth and squeeze it into the size and shape of the common concrete block. More people would build with earth. The planet would be better off.
  • Nanna Ditzel
    Danish designer Nanna Ditzel (1923–2005) was a modern renaissance woman, creating furniture, jewelry, and textiles in materials ranging from fiberglass to foam rubber. Ditzel, who was married to (and collaborated with) first Jorgen Ditzel and later Kurt Heide, earned worldwide accolades for her curvaceous creations, from the Trinidad and Hanging chairs to the recently rereleased Sausage chair (formerly known as the no-less-appetizing Ring chair).
  • Chuck Choi
    New York-Boston based photographer Chuck Choi has documented the work of the world's leading architects and designers for over 20 years. His photographs have been published in all major design publications, both national and international. Chuck studied Photography and Architecture at Princeton University and brings an expertise in both fields to his work. An early interest in the representation of architecture and the human form in Renaissance painting led to his enduring interest in spatial depiction in pictures. He remains committed to the fundamental task of architectural photography--the making of evocative spatial images that reveal the ideas of his clients.
  • Domestic Affairs
    An old material with a long tradition relives a renaissance. Old fashioned felt pantoffel? Hence with it! Give me the old-new trendy material in bright colours and modern designs. Since eight years daff – daff produces high quality Merino felt collections. Why Merino? Only pure Merino wool can guaranty brilliant colours. One essential part of daff's corporate philosophy is "Made in Germany" for design, felt production and further processing. To create ordinary things in an exceptional way is the second important fact. Our felt excites, you have to see its colours, touch it and feel the groove. The trendy products of today will be the common ones of tomorrow and so the felt items shall become common in the future and enrich living in style. The third aspect is to motivate the customers to create their own concept. There are about 30 colours available, all shapes and colours invite you to vary and combine. Bright colours and modern design go together with renewable raw material, features like ecological processing and the ability to wash most of the items. The product range includes table sets, table runners, seat pads and seat cubes, two- and three-dimensional decorations especially for christmas and other festivities. Various designs of bags, timers, cases, accessories, keyring pendants and christmas decorations complete the program. There are endless design possibilities in the living and table area and every day we design more.