• Shelter
    Professional real estate lifestyle consultant
  • Storm Shelter
    Survive-a-Storm Shelters is the world's premier manufacturer of underground steel storm shelters
  • Food + Shelter , Llc
    Full service design and development company specializing in dynamic mixed use infill projects.
  • His Co Shelters Portable Carports
    Have a beautiful car or RV you would like to protect from extreme weather such as wind, sun, and snow? We carry the largest inventory of portable garages, carports, RV shelters, and accessories. We are also an exclusive dealer for shelter logic branded portable garages, portable RV shelters, and motorhome portable garages. We can also handle custom carport requirements able to cover unusual shapes and sizes for private and commercial needs. His Co Shelters is ready to help you protect your investment. http://hiscoshelters.com/
  • Deb
    Small shelters and gardens
  • duong nguyen
  • Robby Genochio
    Architecture, travel, photography, disaster shelter, prefab, urban design
  • Tiffany Lowe
  • Menbeely
  • Hunker
    A home is more than a shelter — it's a story about who you are. Hunker believes that creating your space is an act of self-expression, where originality matters more than expertise — and hospitality is a way of life. Visit with us for exclusive property tours, original features, and design advice that uncovers the lives behind every front door. Hunker is inspiration for the space around you, wherever that space may be.
  • Art Gray Photography
    Art Gray is a Santa Monica-based photographer who specializes in work for shelter magazines, books, architects, interior designers, and landscape designers.
  • trantrang
  • viland ua
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  • Macy Miller
    Macy Miller put $11,400 and her own sweat equity into building a 196-square-foot shelter on a new piece of property in Boise, Idaho, where she works for a commercial architecture firm.