• Food52
    food52.com A few years ago, we set out to bring cooks together from all over to exchange recipes and ideas and to support each other in the kitchen. We wanted to create a buzzing place for others who do what we do all day long: talk about food! Together we create cookbooks, take on food projects, help others with our real-time food Q&A—the Food52 Hotline —and support local food producers. Since we started Food52 (we cook 52 weeks a year, get it?), millions of cooks and eaters have found their way to the site. We believe that if you want to eat better, and you want to help change our food system, you need to cook. Maybe not all the time, but some. You don't have to eat local foods every day; you don't have to shop at the farmers market every week. But it's good to try. We're not extremists in a cult of purity, slow-foodness, or locavorosity. We're realists who believe in applying the best aspects of those food movements to our everyday lives.
  • Food For You
    Food For You specializes in calorie controlled meals established since 1981.This Diet Factory offers to start delivering calorie controlled weight loss meals in Australia and New Zealand. It is based in Brisbane and servicing allover Queensland and New South Wales. We serve healthy foods that are tasty, conveniently delivered, portioned controlled and quality without any Preservatives or Additives.For more detail visist at: https://www.foodforyou.com.au
  • Food Cycle Science
    Food Cycle Science is the brainchild of three visionary entrepreneurs who decided to bring green technology to the growing problem of food waste disposal. Food Cycle Science's eco-friendly technology is designed to make the composting process easier and quicker, thus greatly reducing the 70 million+ tons of food waste added to landfills each year.
  • Food + Shelter , Llc
    Full service design and development company specializing in dynamic mixed use infill projects.
  • W&P Design
    Bringing new ideas to life in the food and drink-iverse.
  • Nicole Murphy
    design, simple lines, local manufacturing, food, travel, beaches, kiddos
  • Joe March
  • Sarah Rich
    When not working in design, Sarah Rich writes, talks and forecasts about food and consumer culture.
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