• Matter
    New York–based Matter is a contemporary design store and manufacturer that was founded in 2003. Located in Lower Manhattan, the Matter showroom features furniture, lighting, wallpaper, home accessories, and jewelry. Matter’s own in-house brand, MatterMade, produces furniture, lighting, and accessories that emphasize clean, yet bold lines, robust materials including metals and hardwoods, and a decidedly modern aesthetic. With its distinctive line of products, MatterMade sets the new standard in luxury American craft.
  • Matterial
    MATTERIAL is the product brand of MATTER design studio and brand consultancy in Denver, CO. Our product line is created for the enjoyment of designers, and other thinking persons. The principle medium is paper and we create grids, layouts, and aids for system thinking. Our blank goods include journals and bound tablets (pads) made with rescued paper and reclaimed packaging. (PAPER 2.0) Our OTHER section is full of very limited edition works, often on paper, we hope you like them. These remain part of a 19 year expression and vision of MATTER of our PbD (Printed by Designers) paradigm. They are available in a variety of formats and paper grades we encourage you to test run a variety of our tools. All of our paper is recycled. Our packaging is entirely reclaimed from existing corrugated packages, Our product is recyclable and re-useable. And lastly, it is not made in China. Although we're sure some good things are made in China, for us there is a production ethic and in that ethic, we feel we benefit our community by working in a local framework for all labor and resources. This lets us improvise and create limited edition tools, and test new ideas in short order. Remember, designers work here and make this stuff. So for us—not China, not ever—We hope you can support this.
    Architectural Matter is space—studio where practice & pedagogy of the project come together to produce local actions from a global perspective www.architecturalmatter.es
  • Matter Design
    Matter Design is an interdisciplinary design practice founded in 2008 by Brandon Clifford and Wes McGee. This pairing centers the practice on the continual interrogation of the reciprocity between drawing and making. Their shared interests in design coupled with proficiency in the means and methods of production have led Clifford and McGee to collaborate on a range of experimental projects which break conventional disciplinary notions of scale. Matter Design is dedicated to re-engaging the discipline of Architecture with the nuances of matter in the digital era. With numerous accolades to its name, Matter Design is recognized as one of the most influential young design practices. Most recently, it has been awarded the Design Biennial Boston award and the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers. Since 2008, Matter Design has progressed top tier architectural research while simultaneously winning international design competitions and designing award-winning products. This work is exhibited world-wide and extensively published. In addition to the continual collaboration of the practice, the principals are currently faculty at the University of Michigan and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.