• James Day
    James Day is a photographer based in London.
  • Amy Phare
    Former design magazine editor // still obsessed with concrete, matte black + Ole Scheeren
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  • Kapolei Roofer
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  • Trade Canada
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  • Pioneer Millworks
    At Pioneer Millworks we have reclaimed over 28 million board feet of wood in our 30-year history. With yards and mills in both Oregon and New York, we carry the country's largest selection of salvaged FSC-certified wood flooring, paneling, and timbers. Because we love to create custom finishes, our specialty is finding just the right look for your project while keeping true to our belief in sustainable, local options for the built environment. Our products are FSC-certified, LEED point eligible, and Green America approved.
  • Alona May
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  • Integrity Funerals
    Integrity Funerals is a dedicated team of funeral professionals. For over 20 years we have been providing funeral services to the Gold Coast and Brisbane. If you are ever confronted with the passing of someone important to you we trust you will select Integrity Funerals to assist you. The first step in celebrating a lifetime journey is talking with someone you can trust. We have a genuine need and desire to treat you as people first by providing service that is both meaningful and relevant. We want you to remember the funeral day with an overwhelming feeling you have done all you could to make it a cherished and important day in your family’s life. Our commitment is that you receive the highest level of service, from your initial enquiry to our last handshake. When someone you love passes you look for someone you can rely on to help you. The many decisions to be made at this difficult time can be burdensome. The Integrity Funerals team have their hearts set towards the compassionate care of the people and families who seek our help. Each member of our team values compassion, excellence, respect for your wishes, attention to detail and support for you, our client, throughout the entire funeral process. http://www.integrityfunerals.com.au/
  • All Things Bunnies Inc
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  • Precision Solutions
    Epicor support From our very first day,“Building Relationships with Results” has been a reminder that our programming is merely one tool we can use to positively impact the lives of real people.It’s important for us to get to know each customer individually. By understanding you we can better understand the motivations that led you to us. What’s important to you? What makes you tick? What can we do to improve your life? If it were all about creating code, it’d be boring and frankly, we don’t like to be bored.