• Dwell Prefab
    Since 2005, Joel Turkel and Turkel Design have been Dwell's lead architectural partners in creating prefabricated homes that embody Dwell's vision of modern design. To celebrate the partnership's tenth year, we are pleased to announce a new exclusive collaboration: Dwell Prefab. This group of homes, the Axiom Series, offers a panelized system celebrating bold design, resource conservation, energy efficiency, and a predictable building process. Axiom Series homes start at $250 per square foot and never compromise on design, quality or construction. Bold Design A home should be beautiful to look at and a joy to live in. Each Axiom home reflects intuitively-designed living space and uncompromising attention to detail. Resource Conservation A home should use minimal material and energy to create. Pre-fabrication vastly reduces energy consumption and construction time, and all but eliminates waste. Energy Efficiency A home should consume very little energy. Axiom homes are designed to be exceptionally well insulated and airtight. Their reduced surface area and volume ensures lower lifecycle costs. Predictability A home should be designed and built against predictable benchmarks. Within fixed fee, and systemized design and delivery methods, Axiom homes can be modified, delivered and erected on your site with a high degree of predictability in cost, scheduling, and quality. Next Generation Living A home is a trust in which you place your future. Axiom homes are designed and fabricated to the highest standards of tomorrow. For more information, please contact us at info@turkeldesign.com or (617) 868-1867.
  • Hive Modular
    Hive Modular was founded in 2004 to create affordable high-end architectural design through prefab construction. To date, Hive has completed over 25 project across the USA and Canada. Hive homes are designed to be constructed by modular construction techniques, which provide a high level of quality control, minimize exposure of building materials to the elements, and shorten construction time. Hive has taken the time to learn the modular construction industry so that we can leverage the efficiencies of prefab while providing a high level of design. Their background in high-end residential architecture has taught them to respond to client's needs for beautiful and efficient home designs with features they know people want. Hive architects are available to work with you to produce a uniquely personal design utilizing modular or other prefab systems.
  • Make it Modular, LLC
    Container Home Builders in Austin, TX
  • Lloyoll Prefabs
    Build & Price your Premium Prefab Online www.LLOYOLL.com Lloyoll crafts & delivers Modern, Eco-Friendly, Modular Homes throughout North America. We curate your home build process from Design to Delivery and Installation. Shop with us for an "All In One" Shopping Experience. Customize your Prefab with cost and timeline certainty.
  • Built Prefab
    Built Prefab designs and manufactures premium prefab modular homes in Kelowna, British Columbia and ships them across Western Canada. www.builtprefab.com
  • Modular Furniture Concepts
    Modular Furniture Concepts is a collection of furniture objects that can be arranged and reconfigured to suit various environments and needs.