• Gan Rugs
    Begun in 1941 as a manufacturer of blankets, GANDIA BLASCO today is represented in 75 countries and manufactures a wide range of high end outdoor furniture, textiles, and products. GANDIA BLASCO enriches its lines with the unique visions of world renowned designers, such as Jean Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola, Marie Mees, Marisa Gallen, Sandra Figuerola, Ramon Esteve, Odosdesign, and many more.
  • Weese Rugs
    Artist and interior designer, Marcia Weese, has designed her rug collections to compliment a diversity of interior styles. Weese has a deep appreciation for simple authentic forms inspired by nature. The warm tones and elemental patterns of her rugs echo the natural contours of the Midwestern prairie and the whimsy and delight of the garden.
  • Rug Master
    Does your rug need a repairing? Rug Master is one stop shop for selling, repairing and cleaning of rugs across the UK. Our professional team is dedicated to quality rug repair using advanced equipment. We easily repair all types of rugs including Persian rug, Oriental rug, Antique rug and more. For repairing your old rug, visit our site http://rugmaster.uk/rug-repairs.
  • The Rug Company
    The Rug Company was founded in London in 1997 by Christopher and Suzanne Sharp. They are passionate about quality, design, craftsmanship and service, and believe in making rugs that are beautiful, original and distinctive, that will become heirlooms to be cherished forever. Each rug is entirely handmade using the finest natural yarns by craftsmen whose skills have been passed down for generations.