• Lemnos
    Lemnos was founded in 1947 as a brass-casting manufacturer in Japan. By 1966, Lemnos launched out into a full-scale business trade with Seiko Clock Co., Ltd. In the late 1980s, the Lemnos brand emerged. Today, Lemnos clocks are created by a collaboration of Japanese designers and each is manufactured in Japan.
  • Nina Cambron
    Nina Cambron Art Glass designs modern day mid century modern glass sculptures, wall pieces and clocks. Award winning designs to compliment and add that finishing touch to any mid mod interior. My 'Barkcloth' inspired wall pieces and complete product line can be viewed at ninacambron.com. Original signed contemporary glass inspired by greats like Lucienne Day! Why decorate your pride and joy with anything but original artwork designed specifically for the period?
  • Monique Valeris
    Monique Valeris is a lifestyle tastemaker who’s clocked in time doing edit and market work at a number of leading lifestyle magazines. Her writing and market work has appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, and more. She uses her design blog, Decor Musings, as an outlet for her passions of shelter, lifestyle, and beauty.
  • Andrew Bass
    Interests in minimalist architecture that interfaces effectively with the outdoors. Accessories to accompany this style of design. Interested in large scale wooden clocks.
  • Mondaine
    Mondaine is a Swiss company that is best known for the iconic Swiss Railway Wall Clock and Watch series. For over 100 years, the Swiss Federal Railways have been celebrated for their precision and punctuality. Mondaine captures this precision with its clocks and watches, which are modeled after the very clocks used on Swiss Railway platforms. Mondaine also produces modern watches and clocks that call to its iconic heritage, while updating features to communicate with a contemporary audience.
  • Chomko LA
    Our present-day product line and skill set is built on a foundation of more than 25 years of experience in communications. The products and services have greatly enhanced and simplified the way schools, hospitals and businesses operate and manage their organizations. We offer a wide range of products from street clocks, golf course clocks, post clocks, public address systems and synchronized clock systems. Visit about us: https://www.chomkola.com
  • Leff
    Amsterdam–based Leff is a designer and maker of modern clocks, founded in 2011. Their philosophy is predicated on the bold statement "Nobody really needs a clock. That's why our clocks tell interesting stories, not just the time." The brand aspires to achieve functional beauty in their designs, as well as maintaining the highest possible standards.
  • Inga Sempé
    Inga Sempé is a French designer who has worked with a variety of design brands, including Cappellini, Edra, LucePlan, HAY, Alessi, and more. Sempé graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers in 1993, and held a scholarship at the Villa Medici Académie de France in Rome from 2000 to 2001. Sempé opened her own studio in Paris in 2001, where she continues to live and work. She designs furniture, lighting, tabletop accessories, clocks, rugs, and more. All of her designs are united by a thoughtful use of shape, cheerful silhouettes, and the possibilities of color and pattern.
  • George Nelson
    George Nelson (1908-1986) was an extremely influential industrial designer, writer, and thinker whose designs are as popular today as perhaps they’ve ever been. Educated in architecture at Yale University in the 1920s, Nelson was a prolific writer on design. He wrote for Architectural Forum and Interiors and published the top-drawer books Tomorrow’s House, How to See: A Guide to Reading Our Man-Made Environment, and Building a New Europe: Portraits of Modern Architects. More important than his writing, however, was his work as an industrial designer. He had a close relationship with the Herman Miller furniture company, for which he served as creative director, which produced his famous works such as the bubble lamp, marshmallow sofa, swag leg desk and dozens of clocks. In 1959 he worked on the exhibition design of the American National Exhibition in Moscow, home of the famous “Kitchen Debate” between then US Vice President Nixon and Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev. Nelson’s legacy lives on now and he has come to define mid-century American design like few others.
  • Cuckoo Forest
    Cuckoo Forest is the premier online retailer of authentic German cuckoo clocks. https://cuckooforest.com
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  • Page Goolrick
    Architect and interior and product designer Page Goolrick lives and works in New York City, where the Museum of Modern Art also sells her wares--like a minimalist tape dispenser and business card box. We put the spotlight on Goolrick's small space, inspired by her passion for sailing, in our May 2006 Think Small issue. Favorite room in the house"The living room. I love to read and listen to music, and it is a place for gathering with friends." Most recent purchase"A glass siphon bottle so I can make my own sparkling water rather than buying it bottled." Currently longing for"The perfect alarm clock, which I find does not exist so I'm designing one."
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  • Boston Interiors
    Browse Boston Interiors queen beds for headboards, bed frames, and platform beds, decorative wall clocks and lateral file cabinet. Know your purchase is backed by our deluxe delivery warranty, shop now. https://www.bostoninteriors.com/
  • Bloomming
    Visit us at: https://bloomm.link/2wXw4wS - We Create Fascinating Design Products for your Interior: Room Divider Facet, Design Clock Delay, Table Legs Grip, Ring Set One, Table Moods, Vases Reflections & Much More
  • Malcom Leland
    Malcom Leland is known for his work as a potter and ceramicist. His large scale architectural ceramics can be seen on the American Cement Company Building on Wilshire Boulevard and the Pomona College Clock Tower. The works we just acquired on consignment include two studies and an abstract fruit bowl.
  • Braun
    Since its foundation in Germany in the early 1920s, Braun has been a leader in producing consumer products that are focused on functional design. Braun’s product line can be characterized by innovative technologies, distinctive minimalist design, quality, and durability. Dieter Rams, a prominent Braun industrial designer for over thirty years, coined the phrase, “Less, but Better,” and that sentiment is echoed in all of Braun’s products, from watches to radios. Rams revolutionized industrial design by designing products that were enduring, both aesthetically and functionally, like his iconic SK4 Record Player. While designing at Braun, Rams worked closely with fellow industrial designer Dietrich Lubs, and together they designed Braun’s classic range of alarm clocks. Braun is a consistent award-winning company, including recent Red Dot and iF product design awards. Today, many original pieces appear in museums all over the world, including the MoMA in New York.
  • emb stitchers
    EMB Sticthers is your one-stop-shop for all your embroidery digitizing and vector art needs. Our company is USA-based and we operate all around the clock. We are aware of the ins and outs of embroider digitizing and vector art, and this, in turn, helps us to provide the utmost quality services and products with fast turnaround and affordability.
  • Henry Walker
    I am Henry Walker from the United States, working with a travel company, located in New York. We endeavour to provide low-cost flight tickets of various airlines along with some great deals and offers. I along with my dedicated team of travel experts are available round the clock to guide you and assist you in every possible way.
  • Modern Crowd
    We create primarily modern/contemporary wall art, clocks and decorative accents for homes, businesses, restaurants, hotels, galleries and more. We design and make everything 100% in house in our Cincinnati studio - we even have our own 8'x4' HD flatbed printer for our line of giclée prints. Our specialties are custom metalwork, custom woodwork, painting canvas, and unique printing mediums (metal, acrylic, wood, and canvas). We release new designs and product lines several times per year to make sure we stay on top of current trends and help create new ones.
  • Joey Armstrong
    Website: https://bandcamp.com/joeyarmstrong Joey Armstrong is the drummer and one of the founders of the band SWMRS (pronounced “swimmers”). SWMRS, an American punk-rock band that was formed 2004 by Joey Armstrong and Cole Becker, was originally named The Raining Souls. The name was changed to The Clocks for a short time, then to Emily’s Army, then became SWMRS. Joey Armstrong and SWMRS have produced several studio albums over the years, some having been produced alongside Joey Armstrong’s father, Billie Joe the lead guitarist and frontman for Green Day. #Personal Brand #Joey Armstrong
    HAYS NYC provides the most efficient handyman service in NY to carry out home projects for you at the most economical rates possible. The Handyman technicians from HAYS NYC fix your household problems using the best quality equipment and parts while offering a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. HAYS NYC provides prompt around the clock service for every customer and offers selected special discounts for regular clients. https://www.hays-nyc.com/
  • Junghans
    Junghans was founded as a watch factory by businessman Erhard Junghans in Schramberg, Germany in 1861. After 1945, new more precise methods for measuring time. The first result of these efforts was the electric movement. But it was the newly invented quartz technology that Junghans really took up and developed further. The first German quartz clock was built at the end of the 1960s and Germany's first quartz wristwatch was built in 1970. As a pioneer of chronographic development, Junghans made history once again as the official timekeeper of the 1972 Olympic Games.

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