• Quality Lamps
    A small manufacturer bases in Barbados.
  • First Lamp
    First Lamp is an architecture and construction firm based in Seattle, Washington. First Lamp believes one's journey through life produces a story that can manifest itself in the way one builds his or her surroundings. These stories are spoken through the details, materials, and volumes of the buildings in which one lives, learns, and plays. These elements, when arranged in a meaningful way with their context, are what help buildings enrich the lives of their inhabitants. First Lamp is in search of that story. The firm's attraction to this way of working has both practical and philosophical roots. Residential architecture is unique from the remainder of the building industry in that it allows those who conceive the plan to build as well, allowing projects to mature through construction with the same creative focus that began their conception. Not only does First Lamp's working knowledge of construction increase the efficiency with which its projects are built, but it also increases the depth of their meaning. When the hands that hold the pencil also drive the nails, everything changes. The physical acts of building (touching, climbing, holding) open otherwise untouched avenues of creative thought and thicken the bond between body and building. Ideas become more practically and philosophically relevant to the project.
  • Lamps Expo
    Lamps Expo is a leading retailer of designer residential lighting products. With over 25 years of experience in the lighting industry, our sales staff can help with any size project. We also offer services to trade professionals, set decorators, and developers. You can find thousands of lighting products, fans, and décor on our e-commerce site, Lampclick.com.
  • Golden Heritage
    Shop for vintage floor lamp for new house on Golden Heritage. We house exclusive handmade range of finest lights such as tripod floor lamps, chandeliers, desk lamps, pendant lights and more. Visit here: https://goldenheritage.co/
  • Artemide North America
    The Artemide group, founded by Ernesto Gismondi in 1959, operates today throughout the world, with 16 subsidiaries and affiliated companies, and 35 exclusive distributors. They have production centers in Italy, France, Germany, the USA, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Artemide offers not only lamps for moments of relaxation at home, but also large sophisticated installations for lighting public and private professional activities. Artemide is one of the most known illumination brands in the world and is known for products like Eclisse (1967, from Vico Magistretti), Tolomeo (1989, from Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina) and Pipe (2004, from Herzog & De Meuron), all showed at the Compasso D'oro Awards.
  • AlaModerna
    We are 100% Alabama Modern. In the heart of The Shoals, the flourishing Arts Center of Northern Alabama, and down the road from the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Rosenbaum House is a team of craftsman who love stretching their skills and artistry. For over 40 years we have been handcrafting heirloom pieces of furniture, fireplace mantels, solid wood planking, wall paneling and architectural moldings. One day we decided to tackle a mysterious design we long admired, a lamp designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Like many Wright designs, at first glance the lamp stood out for its simplicity and repose. The more time we spent with the lamp the more captivating and functional it became. We also began to understand the brilliance of the engineering and design involved. Mostly we were moved by the work of art itself -- a sculpture made from wood which day or night brought joy to all who saw it.
  • Fernweh Woodworking
    Justin is an award winning furniture designer, hailing from Bend, OR, where the closeness of the mountains and forest inspires his creativity and appreciation of woodworking. His passion for creating modern products from hardwood is easily seen from a glance around his studio space: experimental products lying on the workbench, neat vertical stacks of wood labeled by species and quality, and of course, a pile of half-finished lamps, shelves, and planters, and chairs, all waiting for the next step in the process of hand-creation before being shipped out to eager customers. Justin, who is a former Marine Officer and Wildland Firefighter, loves the phase of life he finds himself in, where he works for himself creating his own brand from scratch revolving around his passion of woodworking.
  • Sean Woolsey Studio
    Sean Woolsey is a California born and raised furniture designer, artist, craftsman, husband and father. Inspired by his own father, a photographer and well-known stained-glass lamp maker, Woolsey launched The Sean Woolsey Studio in sunny Costa Mesa, Calif. in 2011. The studio's focus is on fine art and handmade furniture with a design process guided by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi which recognizes the beauty in imperfect things that bear the imprint of time. Wabi Sabi is about the minor and the hidden, the tentative and the ephemeral. It finds true beauty in the organic. All studio pieces are proudly built to last for generations, crafted within a 35-mile radius of the workshop and shipped worldwide. For more information, please visit www.seanwoolsey.com and follow the studio's latest news on Instagram @thewoolsey.

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