• Yankee Barn Homes
    A Yankee Barn starts with the vision of its homeowner. Working with our design team, homeowners create a unique Yankee Barn to fit their lifestyle and property. Each Yankee Barn is then built from the finest materials one at a time. We craft the post and beam from strong, kiln-dried doug fir timbers, and construct the wood framed True Wall, and True Roof panels, along with specialty millwork, in the protected and controlled environment of our prefab workshop. We construct nearly all of the components in our shop, then pack the Yankee Barn for shipment to the site. Our goal with this process is to make building a custom dream home as quick and stress free as possible for our clients. www.yankeebarnhomes.com
  • The Barn
    https://thebarn.net.au/ Whether you’re a Farmer, hunter, sportsman or simply a hobby shooter you’ll find what you need at The Barn. We are the Toowoomba region’s leading gun shop and we proudly ship nationwide. Being a family owned business our service is second to none, so if you’d like to experience good old fashion service with a smile come on down to The Barn.
  • The Barn
    Advertising Design Music
  • Barn Light Electric
    Like many small business success stories, Barn Light Electric began as a part-time hobby. With a passion for antique light fixtures, Bryan Scott would search through antique stores, attend estate sales, and even poke into abandoned buildings looking for vintage lights to restore. He enjoyed restoring American-made barn lighting because of the high-quality craftsmanship that went into manufacturing these vintage fixtures. But like so many things, vintage barn lighting faded away when less expensive manufacturing techniques came into fashion. Bryan decided to make his own line of barn lighting the old-fashioned way using only the highest quality, commercial grade materials. He found that others shared his passion for vintage lighting and the demand for his fixtures soon exceeded the resources of his back-yard barn. Early in 2008, Bryan, and wife Donna, left their professional careers to manage the business full time
  • William Alburger
    I am a conservationist and a green artist. My functional wood art is sculpted from naturally weathered boards that I rescue and salvage from fallen trees and barn boards. My consuming passion is to create highly original works, so I weave my art education with self-taught practices. I work outdoors through all four seasons and it is respect for the processes and mysteries of Nature that informs my art. My organic designs come from the distorted boards themselves and I enjoy highlighting Nature's own way of signing each piece. Showcasing the beauty of age and the glory of endurance, my pieces result in texture-rich works of art.
  • Ryall Sheridan Architects
    Ryall Sheridan Architects works on projects ranging from new construction, to renovations of existing spaces, interior design, and additions to historic structures. Partners Bill Ryall and Ted Sheridan collaborate with staff members to serve the various requirements of clients. Current and recent projects include a new sound recording studio near Brattleboro VT, preservation and conversion of circa 1820 barns in Gladstone NJ, and various residences in New York State, Colorado, Vermont, Long Island, Virginia, and loft, townhouse, and apartment renovations in NYC. All current projects incorporate strategies for implementing aspects of environmentally-friendly, sustainable design. Ryall Sheridan prefers to work on projects beginning with the conceptual design phase, and following through with comprehensive working drawings and specifications, pricing of the work with contractors, construction supervision, and furniture installation. The firm has successfully produced commercial, institutional, and residential projects that have all benefited from a close working relationship between client and architect.
  • Adam Brooks
    Frankly, I signed up to like the Barn house so I guess I'm here to explore!
  • VERRONI Associated Architects
    VERRONI perfectly masters the process of creating architectural and urban planning projects. Founded in 1992 in São José do Rio Preto, the company works to make the customers' wishes reality, offering excellent results. Projects Experienced in the development of the most varied types of projects and with more than 1000 works carried out in the two decades of operation, VERRONI today has a talented team of architects, engineers and collaborators. Services Provided 3D Rendering, Architectural Design, Architectural Drawings, Attic Conversion, Barn Design & Construction, Basement Design, Basement Remodeling, Bathroom Design, Building Design, Custom Homes, Deck Design, Drafting, Energy-Efficient Homes, Floor Plans, Green Building, Handicap-Accessible Design, Historic Building Conservation, Home Additions, Home Extensions, Home Gym Design & Construction, Home Remodeling, Home Restoration, House Plans, Kitchen Design, Kitchen Remodeling, Landscape Plans, Laundry Room Design, Log Home Construction, Mudroom Design, Multigenerational Homes, New Home Construction, Pool House Design & Construction, Prefab Houses, Project Management, Rooftop Deck Installation, Site Preparation, Space Planning, Staircase Design, Structural Engineering, Sustainable Design, Universal Design Areas Served Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brasil, America Latina / A VERRONI domina com perfeição o processo de criação de projetos arquitetônicos e urbanísticos. Fundada em 1992 em São José do Rio Preto, a empresa trabalha para tornar realidade o desejo dos clientes, oferecendo os melhores trabalhos com excelentes resultados. Projetos Experiência no desenvolvimento dos mais variados tipos de projetos e com mais de 1000 trabalhos realizados nas duas décadas de atuação, a VERRONI hoje conta com uma talentosa equipe de arquitetos, engenheiros e colaboradores.
  • Fernau & Hartman Architects
    Having established a unique reputation as designers—for combining design excellence and technical innovation—through a number of award-winning projects that ranged from private residences, to a public office building competition, principals Richard Fernau and Laura Hartman formed Fernau & Hartman Architects in 1980. From its inception, Fernau & Hartman has refused to adopt a style in favor of developing a sensibility and a way of working that is circumstantial, job- and site-specific. working method is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary. Leaders in “green” design since the first wave of interest in sustainability in the Seventies, Fernau & Hartman projects—whether office interiors, barn renovations, or free-standing structures—begin with a concern for the environment. Every project starts with an overarching landscape concept, out of which indoor and outdoor spaces are simultaneously developed. Each project finds its point of departure in the specifics of the site and the needs of the client. This is true whether the project is a corporate headquarters on Times Square, a performing arts center in the inner city, a residence on Martha’s Vineyard or a ranch in Montana. Vernacular architecture has been as influential on Fernau & Hartman’s circumstantial approach to design as the icons of modernism. The street language of architecture, the vernacular, is a source not only of inspiration but of design solutions. Fernau & Hartman’s method alternately accepts and manipulates chance conditions that define an architectural situation. Their method is improvisational and is based on the particularities of each project.
  • Willis Daniels
    This is a story about a kid with a purple crayon, a rock named “HAMMER” and a dream… ​ As a child, I was very curious and always doing art projects. I would also take things apart and put them back together (with varying results). My mother, a writer, an artist and a single mother encouraged my "creativity" when it worked out positively, negative results, (like the death of a toaster) were voiced at the end of a wooden spoon. ​ As a latch-key kid I would come home from school to find many “projects” waiting for me. My mom provided the peel-and-stick floor tiles, the metal straight edge, linoleum knife, an encouraging note and her belief that I could do such a thing; I had serious doubts, being eleven. Many home improvement projects were assigned to me, paint the house, build this picket fence completed with my mother’s favorite tool: a large round rock with the word “Hammer” painted on it. ​ Mom remarried and I became the "Foreman" on my step-fathers seven acre gentleman’s horse farm. I was a large child and a high-school athlete, consequently, my step-father was unhappy with the amount of groceries I consumed. So to “earn my keep” I was tasked with building horse-proof fences, paddocks, a room addition and even a two-story pole barn with little more than my common sense, my “Barn Strength”, my enthusiasm and some old construction guides and a drafting table. I may not have realized it as a teenager, but these successful building experiences provided a hands-on education in construction and ultimately ignited my interest in architecture and design. ​ After high school I worked as a laborer on a road construction crew in Central Pennsylvania for my Uncle’s company Rogele. Jack hammering and shoveling aggregate for ten hours a day was an opportunity for self-discovery, particularly the life choices I had made thus far. Wanting a more satisfying construction experience, I became a frame carpenter on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico. My Pop-Pop once told me that there were two kinds of jobs; one that you take a shower before work and one that you take a shower after work. Intense physical labor increased my desire for a formal education. ​ I attended architectural drafting school at TVI, the Technical Vocational Institute (now Central New Mexico Community College), which gave me the technical ability to work as a draftsman part time while I attended the University of New Mexico Architectural Program. I continued working as a frame carpenter on my semester breaks (the money was better). ​ I have been designing and building things since I was thirteen years old. I have many years of experience and have worked on hundreds of projects as a construction worker, a draftsman, a job captain, a project manager, a green building consultant and design principal for both large and small firms. I have solved a lot of design problems for a lot of people. I truly feel that I am best suited to be on my own and I feel that it is truly a privilege to have the design freedom and success that has come with being the President of Willisland. ​ I call my particular style of design “Enthusiastic Modernism”. ​ I refuse to believe that America is in decline, I am not here to help manage her demise. Americans are still the best innovators, inventors and designers in the world. I believe the best time for America is ahead, and in these exciting times I am actively seeking to further our growth and progression. I want to be a part of a new, bright future, I never want to stop learning. ​ Life is short, let’s do something responsible, innovative, and nice to look at and have some fun in the process. ​ Member American Mensa Ltd. Associate Member of the American Institute of Architects Architectural Registration Candidate (A.R.E.) in the State of California.