• Ace Hotel
    acehotel.com Ace Hotel is a collection of individuals — multiple and inclusive, held together by an affinity for the soulful. We are not here to reinvent the hotel, but to readdress its conventions to keep them fresh, energized, human. We accept the hotel as a potential for real, fluid community. We believe that hospitality is compassion, that it is not servility but genuine concern for others' well-being and the ability to live with empathy. We believe that Mr. Strummer was right when he sang, "If you're after getting the honey, hey — then you don't go killing all the bees," because there is no honey without bees. And Mr. Blake was right when he said that "Life delights in life," meaning that cultivating joy attracts more joy. We like the stories that come with things and think that wherever you are, you should feel like you're there. Always go with the best idea, regardless of where it comes from and be willing to learn from anybody. Do what's got to be done everyday. The basic things matter. Try not to be a jerk. The truth doesn't always make sense, but it usually feels right. Try to make something everyday. The only free will you have is how well you respond to fate, so steel yourself and smile. Work can be a beautiful thing when done beautifully, and it's a lot more fun done together than apart. This, more than anything else, is why people want to sleep with us.
  • Ace Marie Abellana
    Hi there, Currently serving the Annapolis/Baltimore region in Maryland. Specializing as a Military Relocation Specialist..I'd be happy to assist!
  • Tablet Hotels
    We founded Tablet in 2000 in search of a cure for boring travel and an antidote to the internet's most common affliction: an overdose of options.
  • American Design Club
    The American Design Club—AmDC—was conceived in the spring of 2008. At the time, American relevance in design was in question, and many postulated that US designers would never be as prominent or prolific as European designers. The founders saw that there was plenty of talent and ambition within American designers, but what was ultimately missing was a way for designers to share their work with a broad audience. The AmDC founding members created a platform where designers could launch new ideas and connect with each other. The AmDC began as a community that was submission-based, in which the strongest pieces would be displayed. This method enabled the AmDC to create shows that granted exposure to new designers.