• Office of Architecture
    Office of Architecture is an architecture and design practice based in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Tuomas Siitonen Office
    Tuomas Siitonen is an architect and graphic designer based in Helsinki, Finland. He is formally educated in architecture and graphic design, with experience ranging from concepts to hands-on crafting. Tomas Siitonen Ltd. was founded in 2010. Before launching his own company Tuomas has been working on design projects for institutions, cities, companies and private persons in various companies. He has been a partner at Part., an office specialized in public space and participation (2008-2010), and M41LH2, a workgroup/think-tank (2001-2006). He has also been a proud member of Anteeksi design collective since 2002. Besides these collaborations he has experience of working as an employee: as a project architect for Tuomo Siitonen architects on Studio Widnäs among other projects, as a project architect for Heikkinen-Komonen architects on Villa Frida and as an intern at MetaDesign in Berlin. Tuomas honors smallness, collaboration and flexibility over bigness. To strengthen his own competencies he has a network of collaborators in urban design, landscape design, graphic design and lighting design. In addition to running his company he lectures at the Faculty of Architecture of Aalto University. He has also been invited to give talks and host workshops in Finland and abroad. One of his personal passions and object of love – and sometimes frustration – is the city of Helsinki. Tuomas has been arranging events and parties, planning temporary uses and urban interventions, researching the city on a theoretical level and writing articles in order to make Helsinki more open and enjoyable.
  • Mayes Office
    Each project we accept presents a different set of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, the design process must be flexible enough to accommodate and adapt to those conditions to achieve the best possible outcome. At the center of this process are drawings, models, and prototypes which evolve and inform the work. We believe in the active involvement of our clients throughout the process of design, and seek to create a final product which reflects this. Our work is focused on improving the lives of our clients as well as the communities and environments in which they exist.
  • Groundworks Office
    GROUNDWORKS Office, is a landscape architecture firm based in San Francisco. Our approach to design is research based and process driven. In the beginning of every project, we believe that information, data and observation are the foundations to the design process. This initial groundwork, leads to a deep understanding of site and its latent and perceived characteristics. It also provides us with a framework for testing and decision-making, so that the design process can be flexible and adapt to unpredictable forces. At GROUNDWORKS Office, we believe the design process is a collaborative act, which requires input from multiple disciplines with a wide range of expertise. This blending of knowledge and GROUNDWORKS Office creative approach to design yields solutions that are layered, rich and complex. Critical in today’s marketplace, is having a design process that is results orientated, solution based and efficient, which is why we tailor our process to meet the goals of each individual project. We are risk takers and believe that nothing great is built without taking a risk. Invention requires hard work and we pledge to bring this kind of ethos to every project we work on. It is this unique blend of risk taking and hard work that sets GROUNDWORKS Office apart from other design firms.
    A2OFFICE is a multidisciplinary studio of architecture and design headquartered in Vila do Conde, Porto, Portugal, formed by a team of young professionals dedicated to the study and development of projects in this areas. The studio is coordinated by architect Alberto Dias Ribeiro and by interior decorator Alexandra Marques. Awards and Distinctions 2016 - Nomination for Prémio Nacional de Reabilitação Urbana: São Victor Lofts project. 2016 - Nomination for BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2016 by Archdaily: São Victor Lofts project. 2015 - Nomination for BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2015 by Archdaily: Plataforma Zero project. 2013 - Finalist in the International Design Contest promoted by CarpetVista 2012 - Work in Progress Prize (architecture / design) organized by the portuguese architects association: 5-OC.Stripes project
  • Suppose Design Office
    Suppose Design Office is a Japan-based architecture firm established by Makoto Tanijiri.
  • Divorce of Tulsa Law Office
    Divorce of Tulsa Law Office provides legal representation in family law matters including divorce, child custody, child support and modifications.
  • Verhaeghe Law Office
    Edmonton's #1 Divorce & Child Custody Lawyers, Alberta. Address: 10525-170 Street NW, Mayfield Business Center, #203, Edmonton, AB T5P 4W2 Phone: 587-410-2500 Website: http://www.freedomlaw.ca
  • Law Office of Robert C
    Robert C. Shea is a Brockton attorney knowledgeable in personal injury, workers' compensation, and criminal defense matters. At the Law Office of Robert C.we pride ourselves in working hard for our clients to get tem what they deserve. http://www.nolo.com/lawyers/profile/the-law-office-robert-c-shea-pc Law Office of Robert C. Shea, P.C. 1350 Belmont St Suite 109 Brockton, MA 02301 (508) 510-5107
  • Central Office of Architecture
    Central Office of Architecture (COA) was created in 1987 by three architects, Ron Golan, Eric A. Kahn, and Russell N. Thomsen. All three partners are licensed to practice architecture in the State of California. COA is distinguished by its dedication to clear, quality design within an atmosphere of creative, innovative problem solving. The firm has a strong international reputation based on signature innovations within the field of architecture and design.
  • Personal Injury Law Office of Tulsa
    The Oklahoma personal injury attorneys at Personal Injury Law Office of Tulsa know that recovery after an accident can involve more than just letting the body heal. An injury can rip saved assets right out of your hand. You may face additional child-care costs, transportation spending or other household expenses as a result of the injury. Then there are emotional scars, which can be as lasting as physical or financial scars. A personal injury attorney can help you determine what it will take to fully recover after your injury.
  • SOAP | Sorenson Office & Partners
    Soap is an ideas driven office of do-ers and thinkers. We create seriously playful Spaces + Objects, Art +Technology, Design + Strategy.
  • Central Office
    Central Office is a design consultancy that works seamlessly across identity, interactive and filmmaking assignments from an equally diverse range of supportive clients. Founded by Max Erdenberger and Megan McGinley as a clearinghouse for them to collaborate with a roster of designers, animators, coders and cinematographers from around the world. Before joining forces, Max and Megan earned degrees from California Institute of the Arts, and have worked with a number of award winning production companies and advertising agencies. Most recently, with advertising mavericks Wieden + Kennedy, Portland. We are always on the look out for clients, companies and collaborators to go on new adventures with. www.centralofficeco.info
  • The Office of Charles de Lisle
    The Office of Charles de Lisle, specializing in artisan designed furnishings, lifestyle, lighting & art advisory services for the home. Projects from our San Francisco office reach from California to as far as the Pacific Northwest, Montana, New York & the Hawaiian Islands. The Charles de Lisle Workshop developed from Charles’ successful years as creative director, principal & partner at the design firm De lisle, Philpotts & Staub. Our office continues to assist our clients in achieving beautiful, quality residences, vacation homes, hotels and restaurants. The idea of a workshop has evolved though an eighteen year history of creating ceramics, metalwork, custom furniture, product design, branding and collaborative design consultation. Modern and elegant, our workshop translates traditional ideas in living into modern, playful and vibrant experiences.
  • Office of Architecture
    Office of Architecture (OA) was established in 2012 on the premise that great spaces require the artful orchestration of vision and logistics; that ingenuity can emerge from the limits set by the hard realities of a problem; and that imagination need not belie common sense. OA engages each project with the design sensibility to envision the big idea and the professional savvy to realize its potential.

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