• Shelter
    Professional real estate lifestyle consultant
  • Storm Shelter
    Survive-a-Storm Shelters is the world's premier manufacturer of underground steel storm shelters
  • Food + Shelter , Llc
    Full service design and development company specializing in dynamic mixed use infill projects.
  • His Co Shelters Portable Carports
    Have a beautiful car or RV you would like to protect from extreme weather such as wind, sun, and snow? We carry the largest inventory of portable garages, carports, RV shelters, and accessories. We are also an exclusive dealer for shelter logic branded portable garages, portable RV shelters, and motorhome portable garages. We can also handle custom carport requirements able to cover unusual shapes and sizes for private and commercial needs. His Co Shelters is ready to help you protect your investment. http://hiscoshelters.com/
  • Deb
    Small shelters and gardens
  • Robby Genochio
    Architecture, travel, photography, disaster shelter, prefab, urban design
  • Hunker
    A home is more than a shelter — it's a story about who you are. Hunker believes that creating your space is an act of self-expression, where originality matters more than expertise — and hospitality is a way of life. Visit with us for exclusive property tours, original features, and design advice that uncovers the lives behind every front door. Hunker is inspiration for the space around you, wherever that space may be.
  • Macy Miller
    Macy Miller put $11,400 and her own sweat equity into building a 196-square-foot shelter on a new piece of property in Boise, Idaho, where she works for a commercial architecture firm.
  • Art Gray Photography
    Art Gray is a Santa Monica-based photographer who specializes in work for shelter magazines, books, architects, interior designers, and landscape designers.
  • Monique Valeris
    Monique Valeris is a lifestyle tastemaker who’s clocked in time doing edit and market work at a number of leading lifestyle magazines. Her writing and market work has appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, and more. She uses her design blog, Decor Musings, as an outlet for her passions of shelter, lifestyle, and beauty.
  • Lundberg Design
    Lundberg Design is a San Francisco-based twenty person architectural firm founded by Olle Lundberg in 1987 that does work for private and commercial clients throughout the United States. We specialize in high-end modern design, with no particular emphasis on any particular building type. While the core of our practice is architectural, we remain committed to providing design at many levels and are often involved in product, landscape, graphic, and sculpture design. Our signature style tends to be characterized by sculptural form, simply and elegantly executed, with a firm belief in the importance of the carefully thought out detail. We also have our own dedicated 4,000 sq. ft. metal fabrication facility for custom design work and experimentation. All of the design work is centered on the qualities of materials – how they can be plied, bent and cut to produce a visual and tactile result. We are a firm that loves the physical qualities of the objects we create. We are located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, in a 1933 mattress factory building. It is a perfect building for the kind of firm we are – raw concrete walls and exposed timber trusses, with high volumes and enough square footage to house our architectural practice, fabrication shop, and even a work-week apartment for Olle. The practice has always been very diverse – we have designed homes, restaurants, wineries, corporate headquarters, distilleries, hotels, apartment buildings, bars, lobbies, and even San Francisco’s bus shelters. We describe our style as “nature-inspired modernism,” and we strive for elegant, simple solutions in our work. We like materials with substance – wood, stone, steel; materials with heft and texture – really the opposite of veneer. For us the making of architecture is a collaborative act; between ourselves and especially with our clients – while we aim for poetry we also pride ourselves on making buildings that work very, very well.
  • Alterstudio Architecture
    Alterstudio Architecture of Austin, Texas, focuses its attention on the relationship between the material facts of architecture and the social occasions it shelters and invites. The work is rooted in deep-seated virtues of architecture—rich, generous spacemaking, shrewd manipulation of daylighting, and meticulous attention to detail. The heightening of direct human experience and the framing of the complex circumstances of their situations are at the core of each project.
  • Snow Peak
    Snow Peak was founded in 1958 when Yukio Yamai, an accomplished mountaineer, created his own line of gear out of dissatisfaction with available products. Inspired by the outdoor environments of the Chetsu region of Niigata Prefecture in Japan, Snow Peak creates natural lifestyle products with designs that focus on function and aesthetics. Snow Peak designs and manufactures outdoor shelters, furniture, kitchens, cookware and other outdoor products.
  • Black Cherry Design
    Black Cherry Design is a full-service interior design firm located in Pittsburgh, PA. Our design studio is located in Lawrenceville at 3583 Butler Street. Headed up by two of Pittsburgh’s most experienced interior designers, we specialize in residential, commercial and hospitality interior design. We believe that your home should not only reflect your personality and taste, but it should enhance your life and welcome you in every day. The world can be a crazy, wild, confusing, overwhelming place, but your home should be your shelter - a place to unwind and entertain and a place to love and be loved. Our services include conceptual design, space planning, procurement and project management.
  • Chris Mottalini
    Chris Mottalini is a photographer who grew up in Buffalo and has been living in New York City since 2000. Mottalini's internationally exhibited and widely published architecturally-themed works include the final portraits of demolished homes by Modernist architect Paul Rudolph, school bus stop shelters in his hometown of Buffalo, an exploration of a Viking settlement in Newfoundland, etc. His project "After You Left, They Took It Apart (Demolished Paul Rudolph Homes)" will be published as a book by Columbia College Press (Chicago) soon. He is partially colorblind.
  • Garrison Architects
    We feel that well designed environments support social cohesion, balance human activity with nature, and intensify our experience of the world around us. Founded on the modernist legacy of design clarity and technical innovation, our work seeks to take advantage of new materials and evolving technologies to meet the challenges of today, including global warming, scarce resources, and rapid development. Our approach is pragmatic. We work with the best means available to overcome the constraints of each project. Far from being a limitation, these constraints ground our work in real needs and spur research into innovative building techniques. Collaboration plays a fundamental role in this research. Within our walls, talented professionals and staff combine skills and experience to envision and produce sophisticated architecture. Beyond, we work closely with the world’s most accomplished engineers, artists, planners, technicians and manufacturers to build projects as varied as hurricane resilient beach structures and historic urban plazas. Whether serving public or private clients, we design with an awareness of greater demands. Our goal is to create architecture that balances competing cultural and environmental forces, such as globalization and local tradition, ecological harmony and land development, and affordability and demand. Since 1991, Garrison Architects has pursued modular construction to solve the problems of sustainability, affordability and rapid growth. Its strengths are inherent material efficiency, economy of scale and built-in quality control. In our hands it has proved a powerful method for making humane, technologically advanced buildings that transcend mere shelter, on the one hand, and pure form or style on the other.