• Genuine Reclaimed Wood
    Genuine Reclaimed Wood of San Diego is dedicated to preserving our natural resources through supplying and manufacturing products using 100% recycled and reclaimed material. Our material is quality hardwood from the most interesting structures across the country. From thoroughbred horse farms in the Eastern United States to stagecoach stops in the Western United States, our material is FSC certified, kiln dried, de-bugged, and prepared for any application you may have. Whether you need flooring, wall cladding, or custom furniture, we have the best material for you. Most importantly, our company in National City, California, can prepare the material for you at any stage of your project. When it comes to custom furniture, we design and build according to your specifications. If you have a need for old wood, we have the best of the best. Our designers can turn a part of history into any fixture. Genuine Reclaimed Wood of San Diego's products range from standard architectural enhancements to novel creations that juxtapose reclaimed wood with contemporary designs.
  • Wood MGMT
    Wood Mgmt. Furniture + Interior Spaces was founded in 2011 by Steffan Elzinga, a skilled carpenter and builder with a vision to create a dynamic company that offers artisan carpentry, creative design and all aspects of modern construction under one roof, producing real time and cost savings for the client. Based in Brooklyn New York, Wood Mgmt. bridges the gap between large piece work and intricate carpentry. Where multiple contractors often cause distressing time delays, confusion or wasted resources, Wood Mgmt. maximizes available resources, time and labor. Our team of tradesmen strive for a seamless integration of all project-specific tasks (demolition, dry-walling, painting, venetian plaster, carpentry, fine-finishing, electrical, etc.) ensuring that all projects are completed on time and within the designated budget. However challenging is the task, we at Wood Mgmt. strive to meet and whenever possible exceed our clients' expectations.
  • Abodo Wood
    Abodo crafts timbers with lasting beauty that are safe for people and the environment
  • 6' Studio
    6' Studio is a one-woman, multidisciplinary design company with projects spanning from architecture to textile design.
  • Mark Woods
    Mark Woods is an architectural photographer living and working in Seattle, Washington.