Living Screen House
In Living Color
8 Barn Houses For Modern Living
Rooted in the past yet decidedly in the present, these converted barns embrace their history, but take on a modern twist.
Barn Living
Tetris House
Atrium House
Shaft House
63˚ House
Thorax House
Woung House
A Mini-Home With Mega-Views
At just 430 square feet, an artist's retreat takes advantage of the surrounding scenery to define interior spaces without...
A House
IF House
House of Four Houses
This Lake House Is a Living Piece of Architecture History
A retired couple retreats to the modern masterpiece by Richard Meier.
Mini House
A Platform for Living
Setsumasa and Mami Kobayashi’s weekend retreat, two and a half hours northwest of Tokyo, is “an arresting concept,” photographer...
Turtle Rock House
A Circular Beach House in Australia Embraces Coastal Living
Designed for self-sufficiency, this modern take on the traditional bach stands up against super-sized holiday homes.
Urban Living XXL
Skyline House
Collingwood House
Mountain House
House LO
Caucaso House
Cloud House
Cycle House
Lookout House
The Veil House
Red House
Glass House
Skygarden House
Hydeaway House
The Roof House

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