Lzf Lamps Nut Pendant
The LZF Nut Pendant uses the most minimal twist and turn of a ribbon of wood veneer to create an elegant, intertwined silhouette.
Lzf Lamps Agatha Pendant
The lamp that blooms.
Lzf Lamps Swirl Pendant
The LZF Swirl Pendant has a nice flow to it, featuring wavy bands of wood veneer that fold in to one another for a dynamic piece...
8 Midcentury Modern Pendant Lamps & Sconces on eBay
Give your home the light it deserves with these midcentury pendant lamps and wall sconces currently for sale.
IKEA MELODI Pendant Lamp
Gives a directed light. Good for lighting dining tables or a bar area.
A lampshade that looks like a crystal chandelier and is crocheted by hand? Yes, it’s true.
IKRS FOTO Pendant Lamp
This lamp gives you a directed light that’s good for lighting up tables, bar tops or surfaces where you dine, play games or get...