Stainless Steel Chimney Starter
We did start the fire.
Sansone Stainless Steel Fusti Beverage Dispenser
The fusti (pronounced foo-stee) is a classic stainless steel container that has been around for centuries in Italy.
Gemini Stainless Steel Candleholder (Set of 2)
The Gemini candleholder was designed by architect Peter Karpf in 1965.
Stainless Steel Gardening Spade from Barebones Living
Designed for a lifetime of digging, our spade works easily through both hard and soft soils.
Leather & Stainless Steel Watch "The Taylor"
Minimal meets classic. This beautiful timepiece offers the perfect balance of elegance and style.
Joey Roth Sorapot Glass & Stainless Steel Teapot
Forget conventional ceramic—the Sorapot’s metal arc spans a see-through Pyrex cylinder to form a thoroughly modern teapot.
Whirley Stainless-Steel Induction Popcorn Maker
If you love popcorn, you need this iconic hand-cranked stovetop popper.
Stainless Steel Lighter by Carl Mertens
The Carl Mertens Stainless Steel Lighter provides an uninterrupted flame for lighting fires or candles and adds a note of...
Ezra Arther No. 1827 Stainless Steel Pocket Comb
This heirloom pocket comb is a tribute to an American barbershop classic.
Stainless Steel Drum Table from Thayer Coggin
Designer Milo Bauchman's Stainless Steel Drum Tables are a quintessential representation of his appreciation for pure modern...
Withings Body Cardio Scale
The ultimate in smart scales has arrived.
Sneerwell Flasks
Premium stainless steel flasks with a unique patina, like you’ve been using them for years.
ZYX Black Matte Flask
Tipple on the...
Handmade Copper Flask
From the shot-swallowing barfly to Daniel Boone himself, most erudite whiskey drinkers believe the distinctive taste and aroma of...
Liquid Lamp
These stark white lamps are made from sturdy iron plate, but their fluid shape reminds us more of that glass cup full of paint...

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