Heath Ceramics Mural
Developed in 2014 by the Heath Design team, Mural is the latest in Heath Ceramics's series of pre-configured pattern combinations...
Dwell Patterns by Heath Ceramics
The Dwell Patterns collection offers a range of stunning patterns based on three shapes: Wide Hex, Little Diamond, and Half Hex,...
Heath Ceramics Single Stem Vase
Introducing a new color palette for Heath Ceramics's vases.
Heath Ceramics Multi-Stem Vase
The Heath Ceramics Multi-Stem Vase can be displayed with or without flowers, arranged as a family, mixed and matched, or on its...
Heath Ceramics Full Dinnerware Set
Mix, match, and be merry. Heath Ceramics has created a line of dinnerware sets in varying color schemes to match any kitchen.
Heath Ceramics Reversible Tote in Poppy
The Reversible Tote by Heath Ceramics is fully reversible, giving you two options: clean and minimalist, or bold and graphic with...
Peace Industry For Heath Ceramics Choob
Choobs are hand made ottomans made from seconds and upcycled fabric scraps.
Native Organic × Heath Ceramics Geometric Pillow
The Native Organic pillow features a Heath-designed pattern inspired by the company's iconic tile shapes.
Glazed Donut Match Strikers
The handmade Glazed Donut Match Striker doesn’t just sit pretty on a table.
Reactive Glaze Spoon Rest
Bring something special to an everyday kitchen essential with the Reactive Glaze Spoon Rest.
Dacor Modernist Pro Dual-Fuel Steam Range
While everyone else has been busy obsessing over the size of their BTUs, we’ve been busy transforming the way you cook.
Dual Medium Vase by Ferm Living
Height 15.41 inches , Width 6.83...
Black & White Glazed Bowl by MQuan Studio
Michele Quan designs and sculpts handmade ceramic art & objects for the home and garden.
Pigeon Toe Ceramics Ombre Blush Nesting Bowls
A set of three generously-sized ceramic bowls cast from a hand-thrown original, with a gently flared curve and a graduated blush...
Modern by Dwell Magazine Stoneware Glazed Bowls
Offering a strong, simple form with a unique ceramic glaze, these stoneware bowls are ideal for everything from cereal to soup.
Modern by Dwell Magazine Stoneware Glazed Plates
The Stoneware Glazed Plate from the new Dwell x Target home collection pairs strong, simple form with a unique glaze for a...
Nancy Pearce Large Bronze Ashtray
From LA-based artist Nancy Pearce, known for her pieces that celebrate everyday life with a sense of humor.
Armadillo & Co. Pleat Rug, Sage
With vivid colors, dimensional flat weave color blocking, exceptional handmade craftsmanship, and a feel-good Fair Trade business...
Adelene Sturdy Girl Pillow
Heath Ceramics partnered with Adelene Simple Cloth on a range of textiles to complement the company's seasonal collection.
Ceramic Tumblers from Luvhaus
Soda-fired, ergonomic drinkware designed in small batches.

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