Wire Plant Stands

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Sweeten the (plant) pot.

Sometimes, all it takes to add a little pep to your plants is a new home. These simple, modular wire plant stands come in short, medium, and tall versions perfect for creating instant visual interest (and to keep plants far from little hands and paws). A matching pot fits perfectly inside the wire base and is sized to fit your medium to large plants. Mix and match the various heights and colors for a floating garden effect that works just as well in the living room as it does on the patio. 

Made in: China 

Made of: Powder-coated steel 

Sizes: Short: 9.05" in diameter x 7.87" H; 

Medium: 9.05" in diameter x 15.75" H; 

Tall: 9.05" in diameter x 23.62" H; 

Plant pot: 9.1" in diameter x 6.7" H. 

Sourced from: Menu 

Photography by James Ransom.

Written by Food52 / Food52
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