Windmill AC

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Powerful: We've designed the Windmill AC to cool spaces up to 375 square feet, with top vents that blow air up and out into the room (and not into your face!).

Quiet: The Windmill AC runs smoothly and gently in the background with extra insulation on the sides - no need to blast the TV volume!

Eco-friendly: Our units meet the ultimate standard of energy efficiency. We'll even help offset your AC's carbon footprint and recycle any old units.

Fresh: The air quality in your home is as important as ever. From better air flow to dual-filtration, we take care of your air.

Smart: You can control your AC from anywhere with our app. Turn it on 10 minutes before you get home or turn it off if you forgot you left it on!

Easy-to-install: We've pre-assembled our installation kit to make setup a breeze. We've also partnered with TaskRabbit nationwide in case you need a helping hand.