Water Bottle Roller

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Two essential pieces of workout gear in one lightweight and portable package. 

We’re fans of anything that lets us carry less stuff around on a daily basis, and the Water Bottle Roller is the perfect example. With a foam sleeve that insulates the bottle and also turns it into a foam roller that’s great for rolling out muscles and joints on the go, you can ditch the bulky foam roller from your bag and rely on this to massage out any aches and pains before and after exercising or at any time during the day. 


  • Removable high-density foam cover features a knobby texture for rolling out muscles and joints as well as insulates the water bottle 
  • Stainless steel bottle is durable, rust-resistant, and provides solid resistance for massaging 
  • Slightly oversized water bottle is big enough to roll with and also still fits in a standard water bottle pocket

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