Vitrified Porcelain Mortar & Pestle

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Crushin' it.

Details Care & NotesThis mortar and pestle made from vitrified electrical porcelain has been produced since the 19th century—with good reason. In its one-hundred years, the classic look (an unglazed finish and beech handle pestle) has become iconic, a sought-after tool for crushing and grinding in the kitchen. We find that using one increases our repertoire of dishes tenfold—see: freshly ground-then-toasted black pepper, just-crushed chocolate for hot cocoa, and a crushed blend of spices for making Indian dal. Further, the traditional grinding method will release oils that you can’t using modern appliances. 

Made from vitrified electrical porcelain, it’s incredibly strong and has a dense structural base, so the only thing that will crush and crack will be your spices. And the divot in the lip makes it easy for pouring—we’re fond of making dressing right in the bowl—and provides a resting place for your pestle. Oh, and did we mention: It’s also oven, dishwasher, and freezer-proof. 

Made in: Vietnam 

Made of: Vitrified porcelain and beech wood 

Size: Medium: Mortar is 7.5" in diameter x 3.5" H, pestle is 10" L; Large: Mortar is 8.5" in diameter x 4.1" H, pestle is 10" L 

Sourced from: Wade Ceramics

Photography by Rocky Luten