Vitra Kast Modular Storage

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A key theme in the oeuvre of Maarten Van Severen is storage furniture, be it shelves, cupboards or sideboards. The design for Kast, which Van Severen worked on during the last few months of his life, can be considered the quintessence of his exploration of the subject. 

Kast is a shelf that is modular in structure, the base version of which is a sideboard. Another basic module can be added for the medium height version, while for the highest version two simple wooden crates are added. Van Severen paid special attention to the color of the sliding doors, which not only serve to emphasise Kast's elegant and yet seemingly classical proportions, but also gives it an optimistic character. 

Kast Modular Storage features shelves made of anodized, extruded aluminum with side walls made of powder-coated MDF. The sliding doors are powder-coated sheet aluminum and the wooden crates are made of maritime pine laminate with lacquering for a natural grain feel. Tubular stainless steel feet are individually height-adjustable.

Photo courtesy of Soft Square