Vitra Eames Wool Blanket

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Made in Germany. Stay warm this winter with the Eames Wool Blanket from Vitra. The iconic dot pattern was designed by Ray Eames in the 1947 for the New York MOMA, truly making it a piece of functional modern art. Woven by a German blanket manufacturer with over 100 years of history and experience, the Eames Wool Blanket will elegantly adorn the modern home. 

Vitra, a Swiss company, has been creating furniture and accessories for offices, homes and public spaces for eighty years. Their mid-century modern designs are innovative, comfortable and professional, featuring renowned designers and high grade materials. With products like the bestselling Panton Chair Classic with its signature curve and the vibrant Sunburst Clock, a 1950s George Nelson accessory, Vitra offers lasting styles with playful innocence.

Photo Courtesy of Vitra