Vintage Copper Omelette Pan, Mid 19th Century

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Flip it good.

Start your day sunny-side up with omelettes made in this impeccably restored vintage frying pan featuring a steel iron handle secured with hand-cut copper rivets. Coppermill Kitchen has carefully restored a few of these pans; the one you receive may differ slightly from this photo; some are stamped with the trademark "Orb and Cross" on the underside, in addition to the letter "S" for its original owner and maker: the "Benham and Froud Company," well known for the quality of its copper. 

Made in: England 

Made of: Copper, tin 

Size: 8" is 8" in diameter x 1.75" depth, 9" is 9" in diameter x 2" depth. 

Sourced from: Coppermill Kitchen 

Photography by Rocky Luten.