Vintage Copper French Medium Charlotte Mold, Late 19th Century

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Trifle with this.

Charlotte cakes have been around since at least the 1700s, and have stuck around thanks to their dead-simple preparation: simply line the mold with sponge cake, bread, ladyfingers, or the like, and fill it with a custard, mousse, or fruit purée. The whole thing is then unmolded onto a platter before serving, which is why these moulds typically feature two heart-shaped handles that make flipping out the cake a whole lot easier. This traditional vintage copper mould c. 1880 features detailed, hand formed brass handles, a tall brass finial, and a slight hand hammered finish for a dessert that looks just as impressive in the pan as it does turned out.All items from Coppermill Kitchen are final sale. Items may vary slightly from what is pictured. 

Made in: France 

Made of: Copper, brassSize: 5.25" in diameter x 4" H with lid 

Sourced from: Coppermill Kitchen 

Photography by Rocky Luten.

Written by Food52 / Food52
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