Vintage Copper English Round Gratin Pie Plate, Late 19th Century

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A prettier plate to adorn your kitchen.

You could bake in a regular metal or glass gratin plate. Or, you could get fancy and use copper. (Hint: We prefer the second option).This c.1880 heavy gauge copper gratin pie plate features hand cut flanges held with copper rivets. Each side has a thick brass ring handle for hanging purposes and features a thick rolled rim. Use it for gratins, casseroles, or even pies! 

All items from Coppermill Kitchen are final sale. Items may vary slightly from what is pictured

Made in: England 

Made of: Copper, tin, brass 

Size: 8" is 8" diameter x 1.5" H, 10" is 10" diameter x 2" H. 

Sourced from: Coppermill Kitchen 

Photography by Bobbi Lin.