Velo Ceiling Fan

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Before Ron Rezek began creating fans in the late-1980s, the idea of a modern version acting as a design object was virtually unheard of. He had told The New York Times that most of what was available at the time was Victorian and, "if a guy had a Mies van der Rohe apartment in Chicago, he probably wasn’t going to put one in there." When he was commissioned to create a modern option, the result was a whole collection that became the Modern Fan Company. One of the pieces was the Velo Ceiling Fan, which includes a one-piece rotor that ensures stable blade mounting—which is superior to the separate bolt-on blade brackets that are still used by other companies today. Because of the minimal weight difference, the wobble is successfully eliminated. Available in polished nickel or a glossy painted white finish—with an option to add a light—the aluminum-body fan includes a reverse switch that keeps warm air circulating during the chillier months. 

Photo: Stephen Kent Johnson

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